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Lotek64 #25 released

the 25th issue is finally there. don‘t forget to read it. I wrote some nice reviews.

Get it!!

„Do I Really Need A Reason?“ is one of the 50 best tracks in 2007

I just found a blog which named „Do I Really Need A Reason?“ (Photosynthese EP, as one of the 50 best tracks in 2007. I was really surprised about it. I‘m also very surprised about the fact that this EP is so popular in Japan.

new release: MM & Friends – Live 06 – 07


CDK Records has just put out our great live album. it covers all my different projects like „MM“, „MM & Sandy Cheeks“, „MM vs. FoX“ and last but not least „XXS“. grab this great mix of chiptunes, electronic, techno and experimental stuff at:

the cover artwork is done by dot.Fortune --> MORE

Doctor Who Remix in the German Doctor Who Podcast

I contributed a Doctor Who Theme Remix to the German Whocast. You can listen to this great show (which is in German of course) at:

or grab the current episode HERE!!

complete album rework/new concept

yesterday was the most inportant day for my upcoming album. I completly renewed the concept for it. it has a new name, a new artwork and a complete new sound. only one of the old songs is still on the album. The new name is „tweakological techniques“ (only in small latters as well as the track titles) and it almost only consists of songs made in the FT mode of MadTracker2. The sound is something between electro, chip techno and experimental stuff.

Of course I‘m still going to release „Expensive Meds For A Fake Disease“ the way I wanted to. But I will concentrate on „tweakological techniques“ first.

great game!!

I just found this great game in a friends blog. it’s Pong and Break Out in one game. and it is fucking hard!! play the game here: PongOut

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