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New Release: Various Artists – Liverpool collaboration!


Oh my fucking god, it is finally there. CDK released the awesome Liverpool chip-cover album which features awesome artists like Nullsleep, Nestroyer, Ikuma, me and many many more. all songs are originally performed by bands and artists from the city of Liverpool. I dared to destroy an Atomic Kitten song.

Grab it at Calmdownkidder Records!!!

my energy seems to be back

this mood change was fast. maybe I just needed different projects to work on. started a new compo called „3xTheme“. in this compo we have to make music for 3 different categories: „Dead!“, „Jump‘n'Run“ and „Shmups“ (you know Shoot‘em Ups). each song must be realized with a different format. I choosed 8kmod for „Dead!“, 24kmod for „Jump‘n'Run“ and NSF for „Shmups“. additionally NSF is a format which I like more and more. FamiTracker isn‘t as uncomfortable as I thought in the beginning.

than I am doing a remix for an artist whose name I won‘t reveal until the remix is released. let me surprise you a little bit. and I will take part in the Famicon Compo in August :)

I still have no idea when I will finish „tweakological techniques“. I also still need to find a label for it and I don‘t even have a small idea where to release it. at the moment I want to release on different labels as much as possible and don‘t wanna use the old contacts like Tonmagnet. sometimes I feel like they only release my stuff because one of the guys there (Daniel btw) is quite good friend. and I don‘t wanna take any advantages out of friedship and so on. btw: listen to his podcast Leinepest (in German).

oh and I almost forgot to tell you that lotek64 #26 is out. unfortunatly I had no possibility to contribute anything to this issue but I will be back in issue #27!!! check it out at

cu and don‘t forget to follow the little red UFO!!!

I‘m done…

my brain is empty… songs I start end in a big bunch of shit… I think I should do a little break… again. well, maybe my sources of inspiration aren‘t enough anymore.

by the way: I finished my current album project by about 67% or so. maybe I‘m done with this around winter… winter 2043. at the moment I don‘t have much energy for making music because so many songs still need so much work until they are completed. I don‘t like it when making music is more like work than fun.

well… let’s see how the next weeks will be. maybe my mood changes a bit.

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