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3xtheme – the results

the last botb compo’s over and here are my results:

„Idiot“ (mod8k/dead) SHOW IT:
- rank 27 in „Best Overall“
- rank 8 in „dead“
- rank 38 in „h00rayz!! =D/“
- rank 39 in „chip in pants“
- rank 4 in „Best mod8k“

„Ding Dang“ (mod24k/jump‘n'run) SHOW IT:
- rank 29 in „Best Overall“
- rank 10 in „jump‘n'run“
- rank 26 in „h00rayz!! =D/“
- rank 28 in „chip in pants“
- rank 6 in „Best mod24k“

„Shmups Me Up“ (nsf/shmups) SHOW IT:
- rank 31 in „Best Overall“
- rank 10 in „shmups“
- rank 29 in „h00rayz!! =D/“
- rank 38 in „chip in pants“
- rank 8 in „Best nsf“

you can get the full results and all the excellent tracks here: HERE.

I think the compo was much more successful for me and I much more pleased with my own results. I also want to apologize cuz I wasn‘t able to vote due to time issues. hope to have another funny compo like this very soon :) :) :)

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