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new preview demo on 8BC

I uploaded a new track up to 8BC. it is called „assembly required“. it is a first sneak preview for „tweakoligical techniques“.

get it here: 8BC 8BC 8BC

ps: I almost forgot to tell you to follow the little red ufo *g*


you might have noticed it, I use a new name for my music. this project now is called „The MM Project“. the reason: on discogs I found several other artists with the same name „MM“. one of them in Belgium. I don‘t want to be confused with other artists and I also don‘t want any legal stuff and pay money because of my artist name. „The MM Project“ is still recognizable enough and can easily be connected with my old stuff because of the remaining „MM“.

and I have a new track out which is also part of a great mix. the german electronic music (and naked mole rat) forum „Electronic Attack“ regularly collects tracks for their monthly mix. I made a track called „I will rule the World“ for the second issue.

get the mix here: CLICK CLICK CLICK!!!
and you can find the single track here: CLICK CLICK CLICK!!!

I also have some new music news: „tweokological techniques“ is almost finished, I hope I can finish it this year and find a label for it. others projects are several tracks for compilations and some remixes.

at the same time I started writing a BIG Zelda article for lotek64. recently I started to play all the Zelda games and that inspired me to write about this awesome series of games!!! I‘ll tell you more about it as soon as this article is finished and released!!!

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