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guess what: NEWS

so I have a major update for you.

1. Lotek64
lotek64 #27 is out:

2. Pixelmod Records‘ first release
Pixelmod Records is proud to present the first release „Soul Of Programmer 1.0″ by Darklime from Russia.

Soon we will upgrade the page with a CMS (content management system, sounds professional). actually Michael aka Matus my partner will upgrade it. I don‘t know anything about stuff like that.

3. New Mix
the new Electronic Attack Mix is done and out. get it HERE
my track „the percussionist“ is the first one playing :)

4. tweakological techniques
… is almost done. the tracklist is completed, some of them need some more finetuning and some of my (small) mastering-skills. then I need to get the artwork finished. reminds me of contacting dot.Fortune again!

5. 20kbps records
I received an answer from 20kbpsrec at myspace but I wasn‘t able to read it yet. I hope that everything was a misunderstanding. But you may know that I made bad experiences with F:K many times so if somebody forgets to put up my stuff up even though I got an OK from him/her… that fucks me up and I get mad. there’s nothing worse for me than breaking a promise and ignoring me. depends on things that happened in my childhood. but breaking a promise is never a good thing. Anyways, gonna tell you more when I know more!!!!

don‘t forget to check out our small label Pixelmod Records.

and news again and again and again

… and again. I‘m about to finish „tweakological techniques“. I‘m alredy looking for a label to release it by sending out the bare unedited modules. I still have to do all the finetuning like the balancing and in the end I have to find somebody to master it. maybe I will ride over to Hannover to visit Bit Pull in his little homestudio.

at the moment I‘m working on several compilation tracks.

aaaaaaaand the next issue of lotek64 will soon be printed.

and *ding* *ding* *ding* *ding* *ding* :::breaking news::: we have finally managed to organize a release for our small label „Pixelmod Records“. I will tell you more about it as soon as this thing is out.


and I have a new archenemy-label. besides Future:Komp who left me behind several times now 20kbps-rec broke their promise to release something of me. I sent in a 20 min noise mix and I was told that it should be released as 20kbps#277 or stuff. as you can see on the label page, they are already much further than #277 and my release is still missing. I contacted one of the guys last week and still got no answer… actually it was supposed to be the last „MM“ release. I guess I will have to put it out at 8BC or here. I don‘t know. I‘m still thinking about it. it’s quite a pitty cause I really love the label and its concept.

anyway, there is a lot of stuff coming up in the next months.

stay tuned and don‘t forget to follow the little red UFO

gr33tz MM

PS: I killed the guy who made those stupid *ding*-sounds…

CDK made a nice new logo for me

somehow it reminds me of something, but I don‘t know what…

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