guess what: NEWS

so I have a major update for you.

1. Lotek64
lotek64 #27 is out:

2. Pixelmod Records‘ first release
Pixelmod Records is proud to present the first release „Soul Of Programmer 1.0″ by Darklime from Russia.

Soon we will upgrade the page with a CMS (content management system, sounds professional). actually Michael aka Matus my partner will upgrade it. I don‘t know anything about stuff like that.

3. New Mix
the new Electronic Attack Mix is done and out. get it HERE
my track „the percussionist“ is the first one playing :)

4. tweakological techniques
… is almost done. the tracklist is completed, some of them need some more finetuning and some of my (small) mastering-skills. then I need to get the artwork finished. reminds me of contacting dot.Fortune again!

5. 20kbps records
I received an answer from 20kbpsrec at myspace but I wasn‘t able to read it yet. I hope that everything was a misunderstanding. But you may know that I made bad experiences with F:K many times so if somebody forgets to put up my stuff up even though I got an OK from him/her… that fucks me up and I get mad. there’s nothing worse for me than breaking a promise and ignoring me. depends on things that happened in my childhood. but breaking a promise is never a good thing. Anyways, gonna tell you more when I know more!!!!

don‘t forget to check out our small label Pixelmod Records.

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