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take a seat, a cookie and some time to read. here is the update for this week.

1. recent releases
2. recent projects
3. „tweakological techniques“ playlist
4. I have Nanoloop 2.3


1. recent releases
„One Channel Only“ is out. I made a track together with FoX and Sandy. Sandy just made the „vocals“. in fact it’s only a stupid „aaaaah“ but FoX and I put in a lot of work to let this small sample sound like real vocals. get it at CDK Records!!!

2. recent projects
I have just finished my track for the new Microhorror Compilation just this morning and already sent it out.

the christmas compilation is growing and growing, don‘t forget to join. :::::ljphlhlh there is still one week left ;)

3. „tweakological techniques“ playlist
the album is still not finished but I already have the almost final playlist for it. after the playlist you get some unique infos about the tracks themselves and how far they are finished. all songs marked with a * are finished and I wouldn‘t even touch them for oral sex. the term „finished“ doesn‘t include mastering stuff.

1. intro (close your door, the ninja’s comin‘) *
2. reach up kick low *
3. which room’s reality *
4. everything for the gravy *
5. much too happy
6. injection *
7. assembly required
8. xlr8
9. slickwater enemies *
A. make your way to wonderland (mm rmx) *

a special song among these is „xlr8″. it started as a boring chipno track with a bassline that even put caffein junkies into sleep. then I changed the bassline a bit but there was still something missing. some weeks ago I was on the bus on my way back home from work and I was listening to the latest demos on my MP3-player. the bassline was running and I was like „dum, dum“, a little syncopated to the melody. there I had the final bassline. the same evening I added just a few square blops to the song and of course some variations and had the almost finished bassline.

another special song is „much too happy“. I still have to record the vocals for it. YES I AM GOING TO SING ON THIS ONE. I hope it sounds better than the track I submitted to the vocal compo.

the whole album was written WITHOUT major help by Sandy. she helped me out on „slickwater enemies“ but just a little bit to fix the pad harmonies. and we both recorded a live version of the song, when she visited Germany some weeks ago. but we decided that it wasn‘t enough to be named as a feature. but she will be also in the credits for the remix of „make your way to wonderland“. we both wrote the original version for my ex-girlfriend Vanessa’s birthday party last December.

I‘m proud of getting down all this on my own. I still remember how much she helped me on „Indigo Blue“ and „Photosynthese“ without even be named! she always was my mentor and I want to thank her again (be ready for kitsch):

Sandy, I really love you for beeing such a great friend and teacher all this years. I‘m sorry that we can‘t meet up that often anymore. hope to see you again around christmas. GREETS TO CONNECTICUT (HAVE A BREAK, HAVE A CONNECTICUT).
[/@ SANDY]

4. I have Nanoloop 2.3
Thanx to motone, a community mate from Electronic Attack, I now have Nanoloop 2.3 for GBA. gosh, this program is awesome. it will take a while before I can work with it the way I‘m working with MT but the sound I get out of this thing is awesome. now I am ready for real chipmusic


that’s it already for today. I hope you will enjoy my new stuff and of course don‘t forger to follow the little red UFO (haven‘t used this slogan for some time ;) )

„I_HATE_YOU_ALL“ is out



2 new tracks and „I_HATE_U_ALL“

hello partypeople. it’s new music Sunday: the first new track is located at 8BC: HERE

the second new track is located here. it is a „live“ version of „slickwater enemies“. it is only half live (but it is not from Black Mesa) because it’s only a record of a rehearsel Sandy and I make on 17th October 08. Sandy came to Germany for that weekend and we met up of course (just to remind you: Sandy has moved to America some years ago and visits her family in Germany from time to time). Sandy fixed some bad harmonies and made some changes to the bassline.


„I_HATE_U_ALL“ will be released soon

I have read the message of Matthias from 20kbps Records. he lost my release because of a hard disk crash and forgot to tell me :) so everything was a misunderstanding and the „20 MIN NOISE MIX BY THE MM PROJECT“ will soon be released. of course you get further notices as soon as it is out :) see you soon


this is going on at school

I hate school actually. but making panorama pictures with a mobile phone is fun :) here’s what my classmate Adrian shot on Monday. I am that fat thing on the left side.


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