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take a seat, a cookie and some time to read. here is the update for this week.

1. recent releases
2. recent projects
3. „tweakological techniques“ playlist
4. I have Nanoloop 2.3


1. recent releases
„One Channel Only“ is out. I made a track together with FoX and Sandy. Sandy just made the „vocals“. in fact it’s only a stupid „aaaaah“ but FoX and I put in a lot of work to let this small sample sound like real vocals. get it at CDK Records!!!

2. recent projects
I have just finished my track for the new Microhorror Compilation just this morning and already sent it out.

the christmas compilation is growing and growing, don‘t forget to join. :::::ljphlhlh there is still one week left ;)

3. „tweakological techniques“ playlist
the album is still not finished but I already have the almost final playlist for it. after the playlist you get some unique infos about the tracks themselves and how far they are finished. all songs marked with a * are finished and I wouldn‘t even touch them for oral sex. the term „finished“ doesn‘t include mastering stuff.

1. intro (close your door, the ninja’s comin‘) *
2. reach up kick low *
3. which room’s reality *
4. everything for the gravy *
5. much too happy
6. injection *
7. assembly required
8. xlr8
9. slickwater enemies *
A. make your way to wonderland (mm rmx) *

a special song among these is „xlr8″. it started as a boring chipno track with a bassline that even put caffein junkies into sleep. then I changed the bassline a bit but there was still something missing. some weeks ago I was on the bus on my way back home from work and I was listening to the latest demos on my MP3-player. the bassline was running and I was like „dum, dum“, a little syncopated to the melody. there I had the final bassline. the same evening I added just a few square blops to the song and of course some variations and had the almost finished bassline.

another special song is „much too happy“. I still have to record the vocals for it. YES I AM GOING TO SING ON THIS ONE. I hope it sounds better than the track I submitted to the vocal compo.

the whole album was written WITHOUT major help by Sandy. she helped me out on „slickwater enemies“ but just a little bit to fix the pad harmonies. and we both recorded a live version of the song, when she visited Germany some weeks ago. but we decided that it wasn‘t enough to be named as a feature. but she will be also in the credits for the remix of „make your way to wonderland“. we both wrote the original version for my ex-girlfriend Vanessa’s birthday party last December.

I‘m proud of getting down all this on my own. I still remember how much she helped me on „Indigo Blue“ and „Photosynthese“ without even be named! she always was my mentor and I want to thank her again (be ready for kitsch):

Sandy, I really love you for beeing such a great friend and teacher all this years. I‘m sorry that we can‘t meet up that often anymore. hope to see you again around christmas. GREETS TO CONNECTICUT (HAVE A BREAK, HAVE A CONNECTICUT).
[/@ SANDY]

4. I have Nanoloop 2.3
Thanx to motone, a community mate from Electronic Attack, I now have Nanoloop 2.3 for GBA. gosh, this program is awesome. it will take a while before I can work with it the way I‘m working with MT but the sound I get out of this thing is awesome. now I am ready for real chipmusic


that’s it already for today. I hope you will enjoy my new stuff and of course don‘t forger to follow the little red UFO (haven‘t used this slogan for some time ;) )

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