time for an update

I didn‘t write a blog for a very long time. I was so busy with other things that I wasn‘t able to do it. first of all there was the christmas compo thingy which I had to finish. this was a lot of work and I was happy when Michael had put it on the site. we got a lot of downloads (about 2400 till the end of December) so I guess we can call this release as a sucess.

then writing for lotek64 which means listening to music and playing videogames. actually these are the things I normally do. but the writing of the articles adds an extra need of time. then producing music of course. in the last weeks I often was too busy to write new songs. that may be caused by playing too much „Little Big Planet“ with my brother. additionally I was sick around christmas. I caught a big bad cold. with coughing, a slimy nose, aching throat… you know, the complete program. on Christmas Eve I was sitting in my Grandma’s living room (we celebrated christmas at my grandma’s place last year), drunk from the 2 Grogs (that is hot water with rum) that were supposed to help me sleep. but actually they just made me drunk too fast. and in the end I wasn‘t able to sleep until 5 o‘clock in the morning. and when I woke up I had slept like 3 or 4 hours. the cold was gone on Sunday after Christmas. so christmas was sort of ruined last year. and half of my days off also were.

I started making new tracks in the new year which was a good decission. in the meantime I was able to get some new sources of inspiration. and writing songs works again.

sooooo which releases did I have recently… well… I dunno… wait… of course my small EP in November 08 called „ektodermis/endodermis“ which I made with Danny from XXS. get it at Pixelmod Records.

then on the same label we released the awesome christmas compo 08. ok it actually is a little tittle late for xmas but … Pixelmod Records

another release is the Vocal compo at Calmdownkidder Records. we had to sing on it.

guess this was all… yep. I will update the discography page as soon as possible which means… I dunno… maybe never.

cu and don‘t forget to follow the little red UFO ;)

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