blog-updates and other news

first of all I updated a lot of options in my blog. there were 4 comments that didn‘t appear on the blog just because I forgot to activate them. sorry to everybody who posted something. now it should work. additionally you now have the possibility to write messages to me directly by using the contact form. so if you have any kind of request don‘t hesitate to get IN TOUCH with me.

also brand new is the ShoutBox. just leave me a message or two.

another new thing: a blog counter! from now on I see how many people really like my blog.


and now the news: I will take part in RPM ’09. RPM is a project in which you have to record a complete album in just the 28 days of February. I wanted to join this project already last year but I had no time to finish enough stuff. It has not be THE album but AN album, as it says on the website. unfortunatly the stuff I finished last year wasn‘t even good enough for AN album if you know what I mean. the album is supposed to be written and recorded in February and only in February. by the 1st of March it has to be send to the USA. burnt on a CD.

I hope I can finish enough material. for this project every artist has to produce at least 35 minutes. that is a lot. with let us say 10 songs that means an average length of 3:30 minutes. that is a lot of work to do.

last year I calculated that I had to finish 1:15 minutes per day. a little wrong because I have to add the time the CD needs to arrive the USA. let’s say it takes a week (even though I already received mail from the USA within 2 days) then I would have to finish 1:40 minutes each day. it is possible. I don‘t doubt that. in fact you never just produce one or two minutes in one sit.
normally I finish a song with an average quality in about two days. the rest of the time I need for finishing a song is just polishing and fixing. depending on how long it takes to finish the song themselves I can spend one or two days with polishing.

yes I really think that it is possible to finish AN album in less than 28 days. it is a challenge but it is possible. hope I can manage my normal work (I told you about it yesterday). I have to finish three articles for lotek64 and I still have to do a lot of work to my album… well, well… let’s wait and see. otherwise I just put my finger into my anus and sing „Old McDonald“ for half an hour :p mmmmh… I like this thought…

ehm, ya… follow the ufo, later MM

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