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RPM podcast features me

hiho, I just saw that the latest episodes of the RPM podcast have been uploaded. I don‘t know which of them (222 or 223) features me, because I had no chance to listen to them yet. just listen to both, Josh Wentz always brings good tunes and background infos. CHECKERONI!

additionally you should check my artist profile there:

something new :)

I didn‘t write a blog entry for a long time. first of all it was because of RPM. I was working on this project almost every day this month. today I have just successfully burnt the CD and I‘m going to post it to the US of A till the middle of the week.

then I was totally busy with writing and researching my next articles in lotek64. prepare yourself for some great stuff… if you can read German of course -_-“



yesterday I took a closer look to my next album. now that RPM is over for me I made a decission. until yesterday night I had 11 tracks on it. at the moment there are only 6. I „trashed“ 5 tracks… they will be released, don‘t worry, but not on this album.

I imagined how I would feel when I listened to this album as an outsider. so I picked out my favorites. unfortunatly two tracks of them still need the most work of all remaining unfinished tracks. maybe it will keep me at work for another month. I definitely want to finish this album in March. in fact it would not even take a whole month. actually I just needed a single weekend to add the rest of the ideas to the tracks. but I don‘t like it when making music turns into work. I love it when everything flows and I don‘t notice the time going by. as long as I know what to do next it just sucks and tracks lay around unfinished for days, weeks or months.

at least the split was the best idea I could have. so I can care for the most important tracks first and finish the rest after this.

maybe I will finish all tracks before I release one of the parts. to be honest I don‘t even how I should release the second half of the track. looking for a label for the first one would be easy. but just uploading the second half here… maybe… well, I don‘t know.


anyways… there are two new releases since the last time which I will present in a later post. one of them is the start for a (ir)regular series and it will get a special place in this blog.

OK, that’s it so far. check out my 8BC for some new tracks 8BC 8BC 8BC 8BC 8BC 8BC

Live long and prosper.

no… erm…

Good night, good fight!

no… erm…


fuck, no!!!!

Yabba Dabba Doo!!

Don‘t forget to follow the little red UFO!!!

that’s it!!!

cu ;)

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