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The next Zelda for Wii

well I can‘t wait. Miyamoto and his friends are givin‘ out barely informations. the only thing I know is that it to be released in 2010. you know… I love Zelda. currently I‘m playing „Wind Waker“ again. before I was playing „Ocarina of Time“ and before this I played „Twilight Princess“. as soon as I‘m done with „Wind Waker“ I will start with „Master Quest“. and all this only to fill the time left to the release of the next Wii episode. I actually don‘t care for the DS titles. I don‘t have a DS and I don‘t want one. in fact I don‘t even own a Wii. but I will buy one when the next Metroid Game „Other M“ is out. the first pictures I saw at E3 were awesome.

if you are like me and can‘t wait for the next Zelda just look at this artwork, well the only available artwork: CLICKERONI (via ZeldaWiki)

it bareley says anything about the new Zelda gameplay. but it shows a much more grown up Link and a mysterious blue girl. I think she is a goddess or a fairy child or something. well as we Germans say: „Nix genaues weiß man nicht!“ means: „You know anything exactly… not“

Ok, actually I‘m already on vacation. so I will leave you again :)

hope the weather is good where you are. here in Germany it is too warm. but the sun is shining and everybody is happy. at least I am.

Follow the little red UFO.


Michael Jackson C64 Demo


Even though I said that MJ sucks at Twitter I think that he is one of the most important artists ever!!! at CSDB there is a Demo in memorial of MJ which I would like to recommend to you :)


cu MM

Daft Punk Compilation is coming up – without me :(

the 8BC Daft Punk compilation is coming up really soon. unfortunatly without my track. actually I didn‘t expect to be on it. the song I made for this compo was done in just a few hours. but the comments the judges made about my track really made me laugh. additionally I got some tips from some of the greatest chip artists I know and this means a lot to me. surprisingly not all of them voted with „no“. gwEm actually voted „yes“. but here are the comments. after them you get some more infos about my track and where you will be able to listen to it.

11) Medley – MM (FastTracker 2)

JDDJ3J : “ chip doesn‘t mean cheap, but it’s funny.“

gwEm : Its actually a pretty entertaining listen. Would prefer a more aggressive/innovate sound set.

8GB : A good approach but it suffers some slight issues like tune clashing at parts. I quite liked this one.

Random : It starts out fun, but some parts are too chaotic and mixed up. It gets dissonant when you try to mix the „Around the world“-bassline with some other things (I can‘t really make out what). The „One more time“-part is the best, I like that, even though it’s very simple. The Around the World in the end is also great, like the bassline you did there, but if you lowered everything an octave it would probably be cooler. Some more variation in the drums wouldn‘t hurt (perhaps an ironic comment on a Daft Punk-cover? :) )

I will release this track on my upcomming b-sides collection „Seal of Rarity“. I have to find a label for it because I don‘t wanna release it on my own like „techniques ep“.

that’s it for this time. by the way: maybe you noticed the little twitter module in the sidebar. follow me if you like.

cu MM

Stock Music


I hope you like it :)

Download @: Jamendo

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