The next Zelda for Wii

well I can‘t wait. Miyamoto and his friends are givin‘ out barely informations. the only thing I know is that it to be released in 2010. you know… I love Zelda. currently I‘m playing „Wind Waker“ again. before I was playing „Ocarina of Time“ and before this I played „Twilight Princess“. as soon as I‘m done with „Wind Waker“ I will start with „Master Quest“. and all this only to fill the time left to the release of the next Wii episode. I actually don‘t care for the DS titles. I don‘t have a DS and I don‘t want one. in fact I don‘t even own a Wii. but I will buy one when the next Metroid Game „Other M“ is out. the first pictures I saw at E3 were awesome.

if you are like me and can‘t wait for the next Zelda just look at this artwork, well the only available artwork: CLICKERONI (via ZeldaWiki)

it bareley says anything about the new Zelda gameplay. but it shows a much more grown up Link and a mysterious blue girl. I think she is a goddess or a fairy child or something. well as we Germans say: „Nix genaues weiß man nicht!“ means: „You know anything exactly… not“

Ok, actually I‘m already on vacation. so I will leave you again :)

hope the weather is good where you are. here in Germany it is too warm. but the sun is shining and everybody is happy. at least I am.

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