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a nice comp is coming up – Sugar Video Game Marathon something

this will only be filled with lots of videogame covers. I submitted a remix of the „Green Greens“-Theme from Kirby’s Dreamland. I played this song also on my live-performance in berlin, but with vocals.

Micromusic Get Together 2009 Berlin – the results

Midi Man made a video of one of my songs. watch it on your own risk!!! fortunatly you don‘t see anything of me :) it’s all about the music!

and a photo:
unfortunatly you can see me on this one.

my brother says: „NINTENDO! PROTOTYPE!!“ *growl*
excuse him, he has no idea about anything!!!!

If Zelda was in 3D and 1st Person…

Remember Wolfenstein 3D for DOS? This Zelda game uses the same mechanics but it puts the player in the world of „The Legend of Zelda“ for the old NES. It is awesome. you see games using this sort of game engine very often, I guess I downloaded like 3 of them during the last months. but having the baddies and the gameplay of Zelda in an 3D environment totally rocks!!!


I hope that there will be a full length game in the end :)

cu MM



I will get on the train to my final destination… erm… to berlin tommorow morning. during the three days I am going to inform you about everything by twittering it directly with my mobile phone. and it actually is even more creepy than it sounds… shitty Web 2.0 or is it already 3.0… I don‘t wanna know… but why not profit of these new means of communication??? if the people want shit on their toasts, give them shit for their toats. anywany: it seems to be a little slow. I sent the message at 4:51 pm and is still not there by now… well I resent it. maybe it shows up twice soon :)

//edit: ah ok, just found out that I needed to put the PIN I choosed before the text I send to Twitter. lets try it again without this shitty code. … … code… need a gun or something… oh, you are still there? cu

omg, one of the most important characters in the whole „Ocarina Of Time“.

this article is amazingly interesting and gives us a completly new view into the structures of the Hylian family. this facts are some more proofs of the energy Nintendo spent into this games and show us why „Ocarina of Time“ is and ever will be one of the best videogames ever made!!!


awesome O.o

my first official concert – micromusic get together berlin

at the moment I am preparing for the micromusic get together weekend in Berlin which takes place from July 24 – 26. I still have to buy the tickets and plan my journey but I am happy to announce that I will perform on July 25 together with many many other awesome German artists. I‘m really exited about this because it will be my first official and public gig in front of an audiance that I don‘t know.

additionally I have never been in Berlin before. yes I am 24 and I have never been to Berlin. I am planning on a program of about 20 – 30 minutes and maybe some stuff for the workshops. you can get much more infos about that weekend at Berlin.HQ’s website.

it will be an expensive but exciting trip and I hope to meet many friends that I only know through the internet like motone, irrlich project and many many many many more :)

Daft Punk Compilation is there – with me o.O“

unbelievable!! I am on the Daft Punk compilation. as a bonus track but I am on it. download the whole awesome compilation by clicking on the animated image!!

Remember the old times?

I don‘t even remember what happened the last 5 minutes. and now I found an old screenshot of this blog. it seems that it was taken when I made my first entry to this site. look how much it changed since then.

awesome… at the moment I‘m trying to get as many information about me and my projects on this blog. it is suppossed to be the centre of my musical and gaming stuff. the next blog-project I am going to start is to update the discography. I think the last time I updated it was in mid 2008 or so. I‘m too lazy to look it up.

ok cu soon

Follow the little red UFO!!


The End of Ganondorf?!

As an addition to yesterdays post I have another Zelda-entry here: I found this little article about the end of Ganondorf. I support every point the author has. but read yourself: GANONARONI

looks I need a new category for this sort of news items: Zelda!

//edit: here are some new ideas for the identity of this girl on the artwork I showed you yesterday: ZELDARONI

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