I will get on the train to my final destination… erm… to berlin tommorow morning. during the three days I am going to inform you about everything by twittering it directly with my mobile phone. and it actually is even more creepy than it sounds… shitty Web 2.0 or is it already 3.0… I don‘t wanna know… but why not profit of these new means of communication??? if the people want shit on their toasts, give them shit for their toats. anywany: it seems to be a little slow. I sent the message at 4:51 pm and is still not there by now… well I resent it. maybe it shows up twice soon :)

//edit: ah ok, just found out that I needed to put the PIN I choosed before the text I send to Twitter. lets try it again without this shitty code. … … code… need a gun or something… oh, you are still there? cu

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