Wow what a news :|

Maybe you have already seen the hidden triforces in the Google-logos. Fans around the globe already discussed if they were done by purpose or not and of the artist is a Zelda-Fan or not. Now somebody has written her an E-Mail and this really informative conversation happened:

„Are you a legend of zelda fan? We have been following up on your
banners and notice little hidden triforce symbols on your Google banners
if so I think thats AMAZING :D

„Hi Alex,
Yes indeed I am a fan of Zelda. Thanks for your email.

Susie „BogusRed“ Sahim“


Wow… sometimes an e-mail can change peoples‘ life. :| everybody in the fan-scene is cheering and partying and is happy and stuff. Just because an artist puts an icon of a videogame series into Google-logos. I mean, I am not complainig about the artist putting Triforces into the logos of Google. In fact it is awesome that my favorite videogame series gets that much attention. But it is just one of a million appearances of Zelda in modern pop-culture. There are plenty of TV-spoofs (like in Robot Chicken or The Powerpuff Girls) which are much better hitting the point of the Zelda series than this little Triforces in some Google-logos. It is neat. But freaking out only because of „(…) indeed I am a fan of Zelda“ is a little bit too much. It is like Garfield saying „Indeed I love Lasagne!“

I was a little disappointed when I saw this little mail conversation. Additionally: what do you expect when you see Triforces in Google-logos and e-mail the artist whether she is Zelda-fan or not? „No, what is this Zelda you are talking about? This is my signature. I thought it was a good sign. I didn‘t know that it is an icon in a videogame!“ Everybody knows Zelda. Even people who have never played any of the titles. Maybe they do not connect the Triforce to it. You just have to watch winter sports like skiing or stuff. There is a big international ski supplier that has the Triforce as its logo. Actually I always cheer when I see this logo. But after all, it is just a videogame. Maybe TEH videogame but still a videogame.

If you want to see the recent Google-Triforces check this link: TRIFORCERONI. I hope that the artist doesn‘t stop using them in her logos.

PS: Check if you can find a Triforce in today’s logo:

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