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a deeper concept for the NES FSA

for my yesterday post I already made a small artwork of the four-colored NES Link sprites. but this was just a fast shot to illustrate my idea. a deeper concept to this follows now:
(read on…)

just a quick idea…

what about a demake of „Four Swords Adventures“ in NES graphics??? I had this idea some time ago. unfortunatly I have no idea how to realize somethin like this. it should have a well playable 4 player mode… so the best plattform probably was the PC. just plug 4 game pads into the USB ports (keyboard control would be too messy) and start fighting against Shadow Link, the old sucker…

gosh, if anybody knows how to realize something like this, contact me!!! I would love to supervise a project with this goal.

an important update

hello fans (in case I have any),

at the moment everything is stressy and shitty. I‘ll be moving soon and my own PC is already standing in the cellar of my grandma, dissambled. I will move next week so I don‘t know when it is ready again. I hope to be able to record and produce in at least one or two weeks. I already mastered the tracks for „Tweakological Techniques“. as soon as I have my own internet access I will upload them to Jamendo.

the next MM vs. FoX thing is also pending, we plan to release it commercially via the music platform of Joshua Wentz which name I just forgot, SoundBits or stuff. in case we release it there, it will be three tracks for 2 Dollars. we earn one buck for each sold album and every single earned buck will be used to finance some stuff at Pixelmod Records.

we wanna have a proper TLD soon. maybe „.de“, maybe „.com“, everything is better than „.tk“.

follow my Twitter (link is in the sidebar) to be up to date. I regularly send tweets with my mobile phone. most of it is stupid shit, but sometimes I post good things :)

hope you can stand waiting, I‘ll be back quite soon :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

don‘t forget to follow the little red UFO!!!

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