an important update

hello fans (in case I have any),

at the moment everything is stressy and shitty. I‘ll be moving soon and my own PC is already standing in the cellar of my grandma, dissambled. I will move next week so I don‘t know when it is ready again. I hope to be able to record and produce in at least one or two weeks. I already mastered the tracks for „Tweakological Techniques“. as soon as I have my own internet access I will upload them to Jamendo.

the next MM vs. FoX thing is also pending, we plan to release it commercially via the music platform of Joshua Wentz which name I just forgot, SoundBits or stuff. in case we release it there, it will be three tracks for 2 Dollars. we earn one buck for each sold album and every single earned buck will be used to finance some stuff at Pixelmod Records.

we wanna have a proper TLD soon. maybe „.de“, maybe „.com“, everything is better than „.tk“.

follow my Twitter (link is in the sidebar) to be up to date. I regularly send tweets with my mobile phone. most of it is stupid shit, but sometimes I post good things :)

hope you can stand waiting, I‘ll be back quite soon :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

don‘t forget to follow the little red UFO!!!

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