a deeper concept for the NES FSA

for my yesterday post I already made a small artwork of the four-colored NES Link sprites. but this was just a fast shot to illustrate my idea. a deeper concept to this follows now:

of course you will have to change the gameplay of „The Legend of Zelda“ from action to a more puzzle based one. the problem is: TLoZ always takes place in only one screen. as soon as you leave the screen to any side, the picture scrolls and you enter the next area. the goal is to develope puzzles that can be solved on only one screen.

the next problem: with 4 Links the screen will be filled up with sprites. together with some enemies, NPCs and objects you could hardly move. so it would be usefull to expand the screen size at least by 2.

the graphic itself is not a that big problem. there are so many demake-projects like „Rockman 7FC“ and „Rockman 8FC“ that move a 16 bit and in the case of 8FC even a 32 bit setting into a 8 bit styled setting. other demakes like this „Silent Hill“ thingy move a full 3D environment to a 2D look. the „Shadow of the Collosus“ demake even takes the gameplay back to an Atari 2600 look. so with some hard pixel work, using original TLoZ sprites and some ripping from other 8 bit games the graphical stuff would be no bigger problem.

damn this thing really tickles me in my fingers. still please get in touch with me if you are interested in joining me in project.

ufo and stuff…

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