Archiv für Oktober 2009

Everything changes

Well, my last post was a little apocalyptic actually… Motone really made me think over my projects and how much time I spend on them. The result was the hurried and completly stupid last post. Now some days later I know how to solve it. I will reduce everything. (read on…)

I am not stressed

To be honest I have too much projects running at the moment. I had 3 days off from Monday to Wednesday this week and I prepared a new release for the end of the year. To the same time I still have the finished track of „Tweakological Techniques“. The plan is to release them via Gainlad and not via Jamendo. Jamendo now is our first place for the next „MM vs. FoX“. (read on…)

New Lotek64 #31

whohooo, the 31st issue of lotek64 is out. check it out LOTEKERONI

unfortunatly no music tips by me. I was too busy and had no chance to upload my stuff. But I wrote a nice little article about Rockman 7FC :) Dont miss!!!

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