I am not stressed

To be honest I have too much projects running at the moment. I had 3 days off from Monday to Wednesday this week and I prepared a new release for the end of the year. To the same time I still have the finished track of „Tweakological Techniques“. The plan is to release them via Gainlad and not via Jamendo. Jamendo now is our first place for the next „MM vs. FoX“.

Also I have this small label thing called Pixelmod Records. It is not much work. The major work is done by the artists themselves, we only make it ready for upload and presentation on the site. but organizing new artists, keeping in contact with‘em and keeping the site clean is a lot of work. and fortunatly most of it is done by my partner Matus.

The next thing is Lotek64. I love writing articles for this magazine, I love reading my own articles in a magazine and I love the research work for a good article with complete and structured information. but it takes a lot of time.

also at the moment I have this little project for the German Doctor Who fan podcast, the so called „laser“… erm, „Whocast“. They regularly do little audio plays and I am currently doing the background stuff for a coming up project. this project at the moment comes in first place ’cause I wanna be done with it in November. the label is only in second place but it is important, too.

looks like I will have to skip at least one of these projects and it looks that it will be my own music. my album project is done, I finished all pre-releasing work for „Seal of Rarity“ the awesome b-side collection and „MM vs. FoX – Working Title“ is on ice for weeks anyway. I will use the rest of this week for the upcoming Pixelmod release and will start researching for my next lotek64 articles next week. this is the plan. it means: I will have no time for reading books, comics, mangas, listening to music or watching TV. I mean I even can‘t watch TV at the moment at all, so duck it.

maybe it all gets better when I finally get an internet-access in my appartment. but my financial situation is sort of weird at the moment. so I have to hope that I can upload and download stuff at my brother’s place from time to time. at least I can download my weekly dose of Podcasts.

well, maybe you have time to follow the little red UFO, I don‘t…

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2 Antworten auf “I am not stressed”

  1. 1 motone 22. Oktober 2009 um 13:49 Uhr


  2. 2 thomasd 23. Oktober 2009 um 19:46 Uhr

    little time for too much things? i know that :-)

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