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Business as usual :)

Here’s what’s going on in my little world at the moment: (read on…)

Bitte8Bit Interview

It is on, the interview with me in the Austrian Radio Show Bitte8Bit. (read on…)

Getting back to normal business

I had my first official interview. Thomas Dörflinger from Graz, Austria makes this wonderful radio show called bitte8bit where he talks about retro games, retro culture and of course chipmusic. I met him in Berlin this summer where I had my first concert and he also played there. He also released a small but awesome EP on our label Pixelmod Records (DOWNLOADERONI). back to interview. we only talked for 20 minutes via Skype (great program by the way) about my music, my label and my work at lotek64. I‘m sure he will play a lot of my tracks in this show cause I didn‘t say too much. I guess after cutting there will be only about 10 minutes of interview in this show and the rest music and so on. I‘m really looking forward hearing this episode, of course I will post it here as soon as it is out.

Follow the little red interview… UFO

The Maaaaaaaad Doctor

According to my personal goal to write at least 5 articles related to Disney or anything around per week, here is another one related to Epic Mickey. (read on…)

Epic Epic Epic Epic

Seems that Epic Mickey turns out slightly different to what I expected. First of all one of the main features will be how the player interacts with his surrounding. We already saw it in games like KOTOR, Fable and inFAMOUS. I don‘t know… I don‘t like those games. I‘m more into lineare gameplays. When I have too many choices how to solve a certain situation and if there are many ways, I always have the feeling to miss too much. Even when it is not like this in any way. Maybe some situations only work differently when you are a Hero, a Scrapper or a Wastelander. The concept itself is great but most of this games are very much the same…

Somewhere on the internet there has to moving footage. At least some game magazines already got some on USB-sticks from Disney Interactive and awesome Warren Spector. So it’s likely that this footage got leaked somewhere. Gonna look for some.

The „best“ thing is the German title this game has at the moment: „Disney Micky Epic“. „Epic Mickey“ — „Micky Epic“; where’s the fucking difference??

Follow the epic UFO :p

What I expect that „Epic Mickey“ will be like

Well, Mickey always was the good guy. But when you look back to the very first Mickey Mouse cartoons, he also did many bad things. When he got more popular in the 30ies and 40ies Disney needed a character that could play the role of the „bad“ guy making stuff, you normally not do. So they characterized Donald Duck like this. With this characters Disney had, well let’s say, two stereotypes: the good Mickey that always stands for the good and Donald that also was allowed to freak out and even kick some ass (seen in some of the cartoons from the 40ies, where Donald goes and punches the shit out of radio people. you only hear it but it is quite clear). (read on…)

Epic Micky

Maybe you heard about the new game for Wii that is called Epic Micky. It is about Micky Mouse beeing hunt by less successful and popular cartoons characters. some of the artworks really scare me. Just like this one:

it is awesome. but it is really creepy. the first released screenshots show a classic 3D Jump‘n'Run but with a nightmare version of the Disney Universe SCREENSHOTERONI

I AM looking forward to this game and most likely it will be the reason for me to get a Wii. Not Zelda Wii. Epic Micky…

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