What I expect that „Epic Mickey“ will be like

Well, Mickey always was the good guy. But when you look back to the very first Mickey Mouse cartoons, he also did many bad things. When he got more popular in the 30ies and 40ies Disney needed a character that could play the role of the „bad“ guy making stuff, you normally not do. So they characterized Donald Duck like this. With this characters Disney had, well let’s say, two stereotypes: the good Mickey that always stands for the good and Donald that also was allowed to freak out and even kick some ass (seen in some of the cartoons from the 40ies, where Donald goes and punches the shit out of radio people. you only hear it but it is quite clear).

The role as a good guy put Mickey into the „front man“ position as a kids icon. Mickey always solves problems by words and cleverness and not by violence as Donald. So some other, less popular classic Disney cartoon characters are jealous about this front man role of Mickey. Somebody like Oswald, the lucky rabbit

I can imagine quite good how the plot for the so called „Epic Mickey“ will work out in the end. Oswald takes over Disneyworld, creates robots and machines designed like a sick mix of different Disney characters and items. One of the enemies I saw on early screenshots contained parts of Donald’s car 313. Maybe those robots are part of a Disney amusement park and everything freaks out, like in this Simpsons episode that takes place in „Itchy and Scratchy Land“ (which is a spoof on Disneyworld itself).

Mickey has to recreate order and normality to this world skipped into chaos by drawing stuff into the air. A good time to involve Wii Motion Plus. I don‘t think that the game will look like any of the raw drawings you see on the internet. One of them is shown in my last post about Epic Mickey right underneath this one. The target group of a game starring Mickey always will be kids by the age of 8 to 14 (Kingdom Hearts I + II targeted a slightly older group, though the featuring of Mickey Mouse in KHII). And just be honest, even though the look of the game is rather dark, there are many shiny colors! I can‘t wait to see some moving footage of the game. Maybe this game will be the reason for me to buy a Wii and not the next Zelda.

I know that they are hyping „Epic Mickey“ to the top at the moment, and I really don‘t like hypes in any way. Most of the time, hyped games turn out really disappointing. But I am so much into Disney movies and classic cartoons from the 20ies to the 50ies that I really love the concept of this game. I am currently watching a DVD-collection that unites all Donald Duck movies from the mid 30ies to the 50ies and I just love it. So I hope that the concept of „Epic Mickey“ will turn out like a apocalyptic mix of modern and classic Disney stuff.

Well, let’s see what comes out in the end when we have the finalized game in our WIIs :)

cu soon and don‘t forget to follow the little red Mickey, erm, UFO!!!

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