The Maaaaaaaad Doctor

According to my personal goal to write at least 5 articles related to Disney or anything around per week, here is another one related to Epic Mickey.

First of all: one of the main villains in the game is the Mad Doctor from an old Mickey Mouse movie with the same title. You can watch this movie at Youtube, it is an alltime classic like every Mickey Mouse cartoon.

And I‘m totally dissapointed. I really heard about this game some weeks ago and started researching for it like last week or so. Now I found out that most of the game is a traditional 2D-sidescrolling Jump‘n'Run in 3D graphics. I don‘t know if I like that… I hoped it was a game like Mario (UR MR GAY) Galaxy. But the overworld is in a 3D environment and the single levels are in 2D…

well… I‘m getting de-hyped more and more. Everything I hoped for this game would be like is sort of „plopping“ away like a soap-bubble… I mean… I contains Mickey with his rebellic, fancy (I heard this word was out but I don‘t care) and mischief making way. The whole plot starts with Mickey causing trouble. But the more I hear about the game and how they put their ideas into the final product the more I start to not like it.

Well… my brother always says, it was hard to get me pleased. I always find something that is not 100% perfect and so the whole thing would become a bad movie, game, application etc. OK, I admit, it’s true. It is hard to please me with something. But that doesn‘t mean I can‘t compromise. But if something doesn‘t meet my expectations in any way, I won‘t spend any energy on it anymore.

I mean, this is the third article I write about Epic Mickey in three days, the fourth in total. I‘m in another Disney phase at the moment. So… maybe at the moment it is hard to please me. But I hope the moving game footage hypes me enough again so that I buy the game in the end. I think I would miss something if I left it out.

UFO the litte epic Follow… or so.

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