Google yourself from time to time

Ok, I have to add something to my last post. First of all, I knew that the little 15 year old girl is 18 now. the post at wikipedia is from 2006 or so. Thisfor I linked the article so everybody can see. But the post was written when she was 15. end of line.

answering some questions from the 15 year old girl that is 18 now: yes I love reading my own stuff. I write it to read it myself o.O … but I love some grammar and spelling too. I know my English could be a lot better (especially grammar wise) but I do my best. the stuff you two wrote (in your mother tongue btw) hurts my eyes. then: if you put your real name into a wikipedia article you have to be sure that somebody uses it. first I wanted to leave the real name out. but I mean, it is on wikipedia honey. so… I don‘t know thousands or millions or gazillions of people can read it. your own fault if somebody uses something you wrote ages ago against you with your real name.

next: some math-lessons when you are 18 you are as old as my brother, he’s born in 1991. let’s say you tell the truth in your posts and you play games for 10 years then you started playing games in 1996. which consoles were out to this time? the SNES was diing, the Playstation was just released and the N64 was on its way. guess what? I am sure that these are the consoles you were playing on. most likely the Playstation as you are a big Crash Bandicoot fan. I don‘t claim your fanbeeing for Crash. I played some of the earlier games and they are great, still. and I also said that Crash is not a direct copy to Mario, but that the games build up on the same roots.

I admit, I should have written a little sentence more in my first post to show the main aspect in my opinion: I regularly hear kids screaming around, „God of War 3 is the best game, you can see guts flying around hooray for HD.“ and in the end it is the same hack‘n’slay game in a new look. on SNES, NES, C64 or whatsoever console, designers had to work with the given technical state of the art. A collegue of mine, called Simon Quernhorst (if you have the current issue of GEE you know him) programs great games on Atari, C64 and so on. this is hard work and the games look great and play awesome. I don‘t say that designing a game is no hard work nowadays. but if you look on the game portfolio of the Wii you can easily get this opinion. the sentence I wanted to add is this one: „In the old days the graphics sucked but the games were a lot better, harder and more challenging then modern games.“ this is something you dear Svenja don‘t know. take Mega Man 9 as an example, the game is fucking hard and unfair. Capcom and Inti Creates Inc showed a lot of balls releasing this game. Nintendo already builds in this helping function that plays through the game if you are too bad. and you tell me things about Crash Bandicoot and that he is so great and better than Mario. Ok this is your opinion, I respect your opinion. but I don‘t respect you saying „I play games for 10 years, I have to know about this topic.“ you know a shit about it. and even playing on SNES, Mega Drive and so on doesn‘ make you an expert. I would give you a GO if you had started on NES, Amiga or at a DOS-PC (especially on a DOS-PC where I started in early 90ies) but the 16-Bit age is not early enough.

coming to me and why I can call me an expert: I can‘t. I don‘t. But I‘m learning. I regularly playing old games to re-experience them or to play them for the first time at all. But (and here is the point) I write for a rather small but nevertheless great magazine called Lotek64. Google it, you seem to know how to use Google. Every 15… erm 18 year old girl knows. this and nothing more puts me into the position to laugh about such posts. I should have made it more clear, I want to apologize for this. but I don‘t apologize for what I said last week and today :)

if you want to say anything else, please contact me via the contact form with your email adresse :) we can talk about everything if you want to make it calm and without giving me names ;)

see you in hell soon…


PS: go get a hobby besides the internet. you seem to spend too much time on it.

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3 Antworten auf “Google yourself from time to time”

  1. 1 Subi 23. November 2009 um 17:59 Uhr

    eher sehe ich dich in der hölle ôo du spielst sicher WOW bist du schon denkst das du in der welt lebst junge!!! ich habe hobbys sehr viele sogar die du nichtmal ausüben kannst, weil du nichtmal das nötige talent hast!!! du bist echt erbärmlich, erbärmlicher als die GTA freaks da haben die mehr köpfchen als du je im leben erreichen wirst! mal sehn wen du als nextes aus dem internet rausfilterst und lügen verbreitest ôo. außerdem du musst echt in deutsch eine 6 gehabt haben wenn du nichtmal richtig checkst was ich schreibe. oh oh ich weis abschluss 10A hauptschule oder? war ja klar. das einzige was du kannst ist weg laufen ôo und englisch aber uuuh ich kann auch englisch ôo. kennst mich nicht mal und schreibst scheiße über mich warts ab du wirst noch sehn ôo mit mir nicht.

  2. 2 Neko 23. November 2009 um 18:08 Uhr

    der einzige der keine hobbys hat bist du.
    schau dir mal den text an…elends lang und vollgestopft mit sachen die dich entweder nichts angehen oder total sinnlos und unnötig sind.

  3. 3 !!!!!!! 23. November 2009 um 18:16 Uhr

    Schön viele Lügen drinne oder??? Sagmal wohnst du bei ihr oder wieso behauptest du Dinge die nicht der Wahrheit entsprechen!??! Ich glaube sie weist selbst gut alleine welche Konsolen und Spiele die gezockt hat oô. und du garantiert nicht oô.
    Und sie sagte niemals das Crash Bandicoot soooooo mega kalsse und besser als MArio ist…zeig mir bitte den Satz wo sie das gesagt hat okay? Bei ihr ging nur um den Vergleich das die beiden NICHT gleich sind. Bis auf das Genre *Augenverdrhe* Crahs hat eine vollkommen andere Story (Die jedes Spiel anders ist) Sprachausgabe anderen Charakter und eine komplett andere Welt und andere GAMEPALY Elemente…Oder kann Mario besitz von Muitanten ergreifen und sie dann zum Rätsel lösen oder Kämpfe benutzen? Oder zerstört Mario Kisten? Oder sind Marios level vollkommen linear??? Ich glaube nicht meen Jung oô

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