Ending the old topic

Well, I know you will hate me but I can‘t end this stupid „15 year old girl“ topic without saying some final words:

peepz: before you answer or comment a post, read it first, think and answer then. the order is read, think, (maybe understand), answer. I was 18 myself. long ago (about 7 years). I know how I acted in this age. my order to handle situation like these also was like „read, don‘t really understand, answer, recognize the true situation and givin a shit about it, cause I thought I was the king“. but think of this point: you might be one of the upper class members in your community, but you are nothing outside of it. nothing! people don‘t even know your name. guess what, I can handle google too. I googled Svenja and saw what she is doing. Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, etc. I love it when young people are interested in older games, especially girls (or young women). I also respect that :)

if you are too lazy to read a long post explaining my point, don‘t answer it. when you aren‘t able to understand it, because your English is too bad, ask me to repeat my text in German. Of course I‘m German, I know German, better than you for sure. But this is my blog and it is written in English. in my stupid MM-english, but in English.

you said this wikipedia-post was from 2005. so that was almost 5 years ago. why is it so important for you to talk about this topic that harsh? kids develope a lot from 15 to 18, get more mature etc. so why is it so important for you to defend Svenja from something she did 5 years ago? I only took this post as an example for all other gamer-kiddies that think they know about videogames just because they own a PS3. I already explained why I used Svenja’s name in it. when you are so mindless leaving your name somewhere, expect that somebody uses it against you. I admit, I can‘t know what she is playing on. but you can read a lot from this 5 lines on wikipedia.

this topic is at its end. be sure that it will come back in my big 2009 review but just as one point. happened a lot this year.

hope you can forget me, as soon as I stop writing about it, you 3 don‘t bother no more anyway. I don‘t mind anything you said, but you used some nice phrases I didn‘t know. my favorite was „frisst du thunfish“. what’s wrong with eating tuna? dunno…

cu and follow the little red UFO

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