Getting back to normal business

I had my first official interview. Thomas Dörflinger from Graz, Austria makes this wonderful radio show called bitte8bit where he talks about retro games, retro culture and of course chipmusic. I met him in Berlin this summer where I had my first concert and he also played there. He also released a small but awesome EP on our label Pixelmod Records (DOWNLOADERONI). back to interview. we only talked for 20 minutes via Skype (great program by the way) about my music, my label and my work at lotek64. I‘m sure he will play a lot of my tracks in this show cause I didn‘t say too much. I guess after cutting there will be only about 10 minutes of interview in this show and the rest music and so on. I‘m really looking forward hearing this episode, of course I will post it here as soon as it is out.

Follow the little red interview… UFO

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1 Antwort auf “Getting back to normal business”

  1. 1 thomasd 25. November 2009 um 12:55 Uhr

    the episode about mm is going to be released the upcoming thursday – i‘m also really looking forward to it, because I‘ve originally planned to do it already in summer…

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