Business as usual :)

Here’s what’s going on in my little world at the moment:

Yesterday I downloaded many many MBs of Podcasts. I missed many episodes of Bitte8Bit recently. I only listened to the interviews but I missed all other great topics since the summer break. About 6 or 7 shows I have to listen to. Then 2 episodes of the Whocast ( the German Doctor Who Fancast. I hope I can send out my apply to be a guest caster one day. But after all I will be very busy this week finishing my articles for Lotek64. And there is still the second disc of the „Silly Symphony“ DVD set and two Garfield DVDs that I want to watch soon. Additionally I‘m trying to play through „Castlevania: Circle of the Moon“ on GBA. So this week my spare time is fully planned. To be honest: I‘m happy that there is no time left to make music. I‘m burned out anyway, when it comes to music at the moment, so duck it.

But the best thing happend on Thursday morning: I left my apartment without taking my keys with me. Great. I locked myself out of my own apartment. The first thing I did (it was 7 am) was calling my father, asking him what to do. He adviced me to call the owner of the apartment. Maybe he had another key. He hadn‘t and the house management hadn‘t either. Great. Luck for me one of the workshop workers in my company had the right tools to help me out. But unfortunatly only on the next day. So I had to sleep at my grandma’s place which was not too bad. The next afternoon, my lock was drilled out and we put in a new one. After all the whole thing „only“ costed me about 12.00 Euros. Nothing in compare to what I had paid for the key service. Gosh, they are expensive. You only pay ’bout 50 Euros to make them leave the office and another 200 gazillion Euros for something my father could do. So everything turned out really cheap and I was happy when I was back in my apartment Friday afternoon.

What did I do the whole weekend? Well, I lied when I told you that I have no time for music. At the moment I‘m preparing my Best Of-/B-Sides-/Remix-Album „Seal of Rarity“. First I wanted to put only about 15 tracks on it. But I scrolled through my own songs and I found so much great material, remixes and other stuff I never released. So in the end there will be more than 30 songs with a duration of almost 2 hours on this release. It will contain some of my old tracks that are no longer available online ’cause the labels closed down (Tonmagnet and for example), many unreleased tracks and 4 remixes of my tracks by other artists like XXS, Oz‘Wizard, FoX, Sandy Cheeks and Gasten. At the moment I‘m trying to find the right order of the tracks to build a bow over almost 4 years of electronic-chip-trance-techno-hiphop-music. Hope that everything works out the way I imagine it.

Then I did what I normally do on the weekends, reading Disney comics, playing Castle“fucking“vania and Tetris and watching my Disney Classic cartoon collections. I forgot about eating and sleeping, but I do this during the week, too, so it doesn‘t count. Oh, yesterday I was at my brother’s place and we watched „LOST“! Hell, this series sucks but it ties you up in front of the TV screen. Hope we can see the new season in German soon.

Well, I will look for some pics to make this long text a bit more eye-friendly. and you go and…

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