Interview with Eiji Aonuma from Nintendo Co. Ltd. in German N-ZONE

There is an quite interesting interview with Aonuma-sensei in the German magazine N-ZONE which is all about Nintendo consoles. The normal questions were asked:

- Is it always the same Link?
- What’s new about Zelda Wii?
- How long is your dick?

And Aonuma answered the same stupid stuff he and Miyamoto-sensei always answer.

„Yes, it’s always the same Link!“ And was like WOW. And then he added: „Because it is you, the player who directs him trough his adventures.“ And I was like ASSHOLE. They never say anything as it is. Of course it CAN‘T be the same Link over and over again because the episodes play within a time span of about 1500 years. Everybody that thought about the Zelda universe more than 5 minutes should know that. You can be sure that is always the same motherfucking Mario in every new game because there is no other person that would dress like this BY PURPOSE!!! Not even real plumbers look stupid like that. OK, Link actually doesn‘t look that much better in this greenish Smurf-like outfit. But it is classic. As well as Mario’s outfit is classic but stupid though.

Then he told the same old shit about Zelda Wii and that it will make use of Wii-MotionPlus. We already know that and it is boring. Nintendo would be lame if they wouldn‘t use their own application in one of their biggest games ever since. Well the writer at the magazine was a lucky guy meeting a person that is so important like Aonuma. But he didn‘t say much about the Zelda Wii topic. And that few he said was something we already knew. I wish he and Miyamoto-sensei were more direct and would bring some more facts.

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