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X-Mas Story #1

I wrote this story when I had too much time during worktime. It is in German so please don‘t feel sad when you can‘t read it. Maybe I will translate it into English one day. It is the first episode of many many more. Hope everybody of you that speaks German likes it. Enjoy: (read on…)

Mega Man 10 announced

It was just a matter of time until the 10th issue of the original Mega Man series should come. Now it is official.

After years of rumours and wrong news Nintendo Power officially announced Mega Man 10. It is quite the same as Mega Man 9. 8 bit graphics, 8 bit sound and it will be downloadable from the videogame console download platforms PSN, WiiWare and XBox Arcade. I‘m really excited of this news cause it shows that Capcom has not abandonned this series in favour for the „new age“ Mega Man series like Mega Man X, Zero and whatsoever. (read on…)

Zelda: Spirit Tracks Ad by Aardman Animation

I really love Aardman Animation. I enjoy Shaun the Sheep, Wallace and Gromit and Creatures Comfort. And now they made a Flipnote animation for Spirit Tracks. Awesome!


No older browser version allowed at

Actually I wanted to do some promotion for a Disney comic but the website doesn‘t grant me any access with the browser I‘m using. This is very user unfriendly and only shows that the programers of the site were to lazy to make a website for any browser out there. Sorry Ehapa, no link, no promotion for your comics (which I always enjoy very much), just the information that your programers suck in making a website for any platform.

What if a Nintendo DS user wants to visit your site? They use Opera, are they also not allowed to visit your pages? Locking people out because they are using a browser your programers don‘t like to work with is cheap. Hope you change your mind soon. Then you get some promotion on my site, too!

And I really loved the comics I wanted to talk about… and I will talk about them soon for sure :(

Follow the little red UFO.

Happy Birthday E. C. Segar

He invented Popeye, do I have to say anything else??? By the way: Popeye is public domain here in Germany so you can earn money with Popeye products without paying license fees. Soon I need another category called „Comics and Manga“… (read on…)

Tingle Tangle Chewing Gum

I found an interesting new sort of chewing gum. They offer a whole new experience of chewing. First of all they are green. Just like Hubba Bubba. Dunno if you know them. Hubba Bubba is bubble gum. The new sort I found is called „Wrigley’s 5 Electro“ and its subtitle is „… A TINGLING SPEARMINT“ and indeed they taste a little bit like licking a battery. I can recommend them, cause they taste like normal chewing gums from Wrigley together with this new tingling experience. There are 3 other versions, a red, a blue and a yellow version, I‘m curious how they taste.

Follow the little red UFO!

No need to control!

My blog changes from a music blog to a videogame blog more and more… but that’s OK. Here’s another videogame related post. This time about the future of game controllers.

Knock, knock! – Who’s there? – Future of Gaming! – Future of Gaming, who? – Microsoft Natal! (read on…)

TCTD Award nomination period startet

True Chip Till Death has started the nomination period for the 2009 TCTD Awards. You can nominate your favorite chip, 8 bit, pixel and chipmusic artists and much more in many many categories. I already nominated my favorites. To get a good result you should nominate yours. And maybe you can also nominate me in one or another category. Deadline for nominations is January 3rd, 2009 :)


little-scale – Nothing Has Been Left Unspoken

Normally I don‘t write about other people’s music in my blog so this is a premiere. little-scale has put out a new release that is just awesome and awesome and awesome and… awesome.

New release. Grab it here. Music for Sega Mega Drive, Atari 2600 and Commodore 64. Zombie Girl Portraits by Lauren Tomczak.


  1. You Have My Dignity
  2. Elsewhere
  3. Nothing Has Been Left Unspoken
  4. Worldview
  5. Visual Confirmation
  6. Wake Up, Space Cadet!
  7. Delusions
  8. Molecules
  9. Six Trees
  10. Nocturne
  11. Recollections at the Edge of Denial
  12. Wallflower


Hearing this makes me really curious for „Antia“, the release little-scale is preparing for our label Pixelmod Records. The cover artwork is the best with this release. It’s done by his sister or wife or cousin or such. Gotta ask him… ROCKS!!!

New Look

I‘m not fully pleased with it but due to the upcoming xmas time I wanted to do something new. So I picked a new design template from the options. I have to find a way to put in my logo properly. but maybe I change it to my standard logo known from my releases. This ascii-logo is nice too… but a little naked!!!

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