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Iwata asks – Zelda artworks revealed (major edit)

On the British Nintendo site there is an interview series in which Iwata-san himself makes interesting round tables about all sorts of Nintendo topics and games. In one of the latest round tables these Japanese guys are talking about the handhelod episodes of „The Legend Of Zelda“. It is really worth reading because they reveal a lot of awesome facts.

Seems that „Link’s Awakening“ was more like an afterwork project besides the regular work. And so they didn‘t took it as serious as other Zelda-games before. I mean „Link’s Awakening“ contains a lot of stuff that is quite untypical for the Zelda-serie as such as enemies like Goombas, Piranha Plants and even Kirby! Yes, Kirby appears as an enemy in one temple. Besides those facts they revealed interesting artworks for the very first NES Zelda „The Legend Of Zelda“.

The one I find most interesting is the overworld map.

Compare it to the original game map and you‘ll see that they put a lot of time planning the game.


After all „Link’s Awakening“ is a masterpiece. I‘m currently playing the Gameboy Color version of it that even contains an extra temple that builds up on changing the color of Link. Still I think that Nintendo puts a lot of energy to make every Zelda-episode the best possible game todate. Even though I haven‘t played any of the DS Zeldas I think that they must be great. Even if many gamers think riding a train to be the most stupid thing ever appeared in a videogame.

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PS: Look, Daiki Iwamoto seems to have been in a bad mood when he talked with Aonuma-san and Iwata-san about „Spirit Tracks“: [IWAMOTORONI]. This truly is a photo for the category: „Days I did not want to leave my bed!“ But I can‘t help, sometimes Japanese look like anime characters. I love them though.

Interview with Robert Glashüttner

Yesterday I was interviewed by Robert Glashüttner. He is currently writing his bacherlor dissertation. His topic is „changing of chiptunes in transition from a technical restriction to an aesthetically dominated music genre“. Sounds complicated. And it actually was. The interview was a lot different to the one I gave to Thomas Dörflinger from bitte8bit last year. I really had to think back all the years I am active in this scene. And during this interview I noticed myself how much this scene changed in the past few years. I mean, I started in 2005. This October I‘m celebrating my 5th anniversary of beeing a chipmusic artist.

I met Robert the first time last summer on the „micromusic get together“ in Berlin. He saw my performance and liked it a lot. I asked him which other artists he interviewed. Besides me he interviewed David Sugar, some people from the Austrian Gameboy Music Club and Thomas Dörflinger from bitte8bit. I was the only German chip-artist he interviewed which honored me a lot!!!

I hope this dissertation gets released as a book. He told me I would receive a copy in PDF format but I don‘t think that this document is meant to be public in first place. There was a dissertation about chipmusic some years ago that was released in book form… I have to look it up.

Great Cover Tune at 8BC

n1k-o uploaded a great cover tune of an old Guano Apes track to 8BC.


Commander Keen Girlie

Just found this really cute foto on the internetz:


I like it when girls play videogames and dress up like videogame characters. I once visited an anime convention and I saw a lot of sexy girls in those hot anime and videogame outfits… I always wanted to dress up like Boo from DragonballZ because I already bring the physics. But pink is not really my color…


Follow the litte yellow Peckers helmet.

I‘m going to Düsseldorf *whohoo*

Sometime last year I applied to be a guest host of the German Doctor Who fanpodcast called „Whocast“. And I won. This means I will receive a DVD of a classic episode of Doctor Who. I have to watch it, then I have to write a critic and tell what I liked and disliked. I‘m looking forward to seeing Düsseldorf again. I haven‘t been there since Sandy (a former lady band mate) has left Germany to work in the US of A. Let it be like 2 or 3 years. Last time I saw Sandy was when she visited her father who lives in my hometown. I miss her and Düsseldorf will remind me to this.

Anyways I will post the show as soon as it is online.

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The Art of Tom Preston

Tom Preston is an artist that I found some months ago. He draws videogame related comics and caricatures. I already featured one artwork some days ago and today I wanna show you some more of his stuff. First of all he draws great artworks showing classic videogame characters. Then he has an unregular comic series called „Danny and Spot Wii Fun“ that reminds me a lot of Calvin and Hobbes:

You can find all of his stuff on his Screwattack account: SCREWATTACKARONI.

I love his stuff!

The new AVGN episode


M4G Tracker Preview

Smiker is currently developing a new tracker for the GBA called M4G. It follows a complete new concept compared to the big applications LSDJ and Nanoloop. M4G works like a standard tracker. I think it is very close to Milkytracker. You can read a little more about it in Lotek64 somewtime this year. I want to test this program first and make an interview with the programer Smiker!

Have a quick look on it in this Youtube-Video:

Gorillaz are back

OMFG!!! Gorillaz are back!! I thought Demon Days was their last album. Damon Albarn also always said that. And now the new album is up to be released in March!!! And it seems they have a new home. After the takedown by demons in 2005 they moved to a small floating island in the South Pacific.

Listen to the first single and video impressions on their website: The site soon will show the new Plastic Beach HQ where you will be able to move around and find creepy stuff again.

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Zelda Wii Gameplay

There are new rumors flying around the zelda-fandom. Some call them leaks from Nintendo, some call the bullsh*t, I think it is something in beetween.

You can read about them on Zelda Informer, in my humble opinion one of the best Zelda-Fansites. (RUMORONI).

Zelda Informer also put up an article about a possible story in a setting that follows up „Majora’s Mask“. (CLICKERONI).

Here is what I think: Some of the rumors are maybe true but only because they are very likely. But I don‘t think too much about the story. Both Miyamoto and Aonuma said that the story is something they care about as soon as the gameplay is done and that the story only is used to bring Link from mission to mission. They even finish the game first and look where in the timeline it could stand. (read on…)

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