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I disabled registering as a member on my blog. Nobody ever wrote any comment or anything else. And when somebody registered many email adresses were from Russian servers (which doesn‘t mean Russian always do harmful things on the internet) or nicks like „arschfi**en“ (assf**king) or things like this. Really annoying. You can still write comments without registering and I really hope you do so. But please use your normal nickname and a valid email adresse so that I can reply to you :) Also have a look on the posts again after you commented. I often reply to comments by another comment :)

I‘m thinking of making a „answering all reader’s mail“-day but the amount of reader’s reactions is still quite low. So if you liked a post, or even disliked it, please comment it and tell what I can improve or tell me your opinion. I‘m always pro debating as long as it is constructive and calm (greetz to Svenja Meinusch :) ).

So far for this time.

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