Interview with Robert Glashüttner

Yesterday I was interviewed by Robert Glashüttner. He is currently writing his bacherlor dissertation. His topic is „changing of chiptunes in transition from a technical restriction to an aesthetically dominated music genre“. Sounds complicated. And it actually was. The interview was a lot different to the one I gave to Thomas Dörflinger from bitte8bit last year. I really had to think back all the years I am active in this scene. And during this interview I noticed myself how much this scene changed in the past few years. I mean, I started in 2005. This October I‘m celebrating my 5th anniversary of beeing a chipmusic artist.

I met Robert the first time last summer on the „micromusic get together“ in Berlin. He saw my performance and liked it a lot. I asked him which other artists he interviewed. Besides me he interviewed David Sugar, some people from the Austrian Gameboy Music Club and Thomas Dörflinger from bitte8bit. I was the only German chip-artist he interviewed which honored me a lot!!!

I hope this dissertation gets released as a book. He told me I would receive a copy in PDF format but I don‘t think that this document is meant to be public in first place. There was a dissertation about chipmusic some years ago that was released in book form… I have to look it up.

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3 Antworten auf “Interview with Robert Glashüttner”

  1. 1 thomasd 28. Januar 2010 um 11:10 Uhr

    very cool! i‘m also looking forward to the finished version :-)
    did you get the photo from robert himself? he seems to be quite younger on the pic…

  2. 2 MM 28. Januar 2010 um 13:46 Uhr

    I think it’s an old photo. I took it from the internet. couldn‘t find a newer one in the right size, this was perfect. I know he looks a bit different now. hairwise…

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