Iwata asks – Zelda artworks revealed (major edit)

On the British Nintendo site there is an interview series in which Iwata-san himself makes interesting round tables about all sorts of Nintendo topics and games. In one of the latest round tables these Japanese guys are talking about the handhelod episodes of „The Legend Of Zelda“. It is really worth reading because they reveal a lot of awesome facts.

Seems that „Link’s Awakening“ was more like an afterwork project besides the regular work. And so they didn‘t took it as serious as other Zelda-games before. I mean „Link’s Awakening“ contains a lot of stuff that is quite untypical for the Zelda-serie as such as enemies like Goombas, Piranha Plants and even Kirby! Yes, Kirby appears as an enemy in one temple. Besides those facts they revealed interesting artworks for the very first NES Zelda „The Legend Of Zelda“.

The one I find most interesting is the overworld map.

Compare it to the original game map and you‘ll see that they put a lot of time planning the game.


After all „Link’s Awakening“ is a masterpiece. I‘m currently playing the Gameboy Color version of it that even contains an extra temple that builds up on changing the color of Link. Still I think that Nintendo puts a lot of energy to make every Zelda-episode the best possible game todate. Even though I haven‘t played any of the DS Zeldas I think that they must be great. Even if many gamers think riding a train to be the most stupid thing ever appeared in a videogame.

Follow the little red UFO!

PS: Look, Daiki Iwamoto seems to have been in a bad mood when he talked with Aonuma-san and Iwata-san about „Spirit Tracks“: [IWAMOTORONI]. This truly is a photo for the category: „Days I did not want to leave my bed!“ But I can‘t help, sometimes Japanese look like anime characters. I love them though.

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