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Two great articles about Zelda

Recently two really impressive articles around the Zelda universe have been released. The first cares about the names and meanings of enemies inhabiting the kingdom of Hyrule. It puts up some really nice ideas and facts. And let’s be honest: How often do we get actual facts when we talk about the Zelda univers?!

The second one is more theorethical again. It is about „Link’s Awakening“ and how a dreamworld can be the place for a Zelda game.

I think these two articles show that many people still care about the „Legend of Zelda“ even if most of the games are older than some of their players. I just wanna remind you to the boy from Spy Kids that thought it would know well about timeline theories. In case you don‘t remember, here’s the link again: IDIOTERONI. As a Zelda fan you have to watch it. Even I with my low knowledge about Zelda timelines and everything around, know that he is talking shit. But I think that he had one good point. I can‘t remember which. Maybe it was when he switched off the camera… I don‘t know.

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A short comment on links

On the right side of my blog, a little bit lower, no up, up, that’s left… fool, I said my blog not Ashley Tisdale’s webpage… aah, you got it :D … there are some little pictures that, as soon as you click them, lead to other pages. These are blogs or pages I regularly visit and love.

I would also like to encourage you to click on the „I love Binaerpilot“ link. BP always helds the link wars to bring people on his webpage. In 2008 I was on place 3 (!!!) but I don‘t wanna talk about last year. And this year there seems to be a cheater. I already created about 450 clicks to Binaerpilot and the guy on place one seems to have created more than 10k!!! I can‘t believe that it is done by normal clicks. 10k clicks in only 2 months seems to be unrealistic. In first place you should click on the Binaerpilot link because he is doing great music and also builds a cool world around his stuff! In second place you should click it to bring me up. The winner of „Link Wars“ receives a cool price. I think a handsigned CD or such.

Some of the pages are also my sources. Most of the time I have read about the stuff I write on those pages. And to give them back a little bit, just click on them, read what they write and hug them in mind :)

So far…

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I‘m Top 100

wow I just entered the top 100 of all blogs at Weird. This blog is only about random stuff from my little world. I know that most of this hits are created by search engine bots and stuff but wow…

Here’s the proof:

Amazing. Hope I can even get higher than place 100. Next goal: the Top 10!!!

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LSDJ & MadTracker

I have LSDJ and NL 2.3 for quite a while. But since I only have a GBA I never really recorded any of the songs I made with LSDJ. And I actually never really did a song with NL 2.3 so far because I can‘t handle it yet. On Monday I was joking around in LSDJ. I always wanted to do a song in the style of Escape Hawaii, just as an funny tribute and to tell him that he shouldn‘t stop chip business. Well, I tried to copy the intro bassline of „The City Never Sleeps“ but again I failed. I also didn‘t want to copy it 1:1, I just wanted to make it a little bit like it. But in the end I only had this bassline and a rather weak melody line. So I had 2 choices: (read on…)

RPM2010 Album Artwork

Just look at this picture. It is the artwork for my RPM2010 album. It is done by Martin Schemitsch. He also draws Lo*Bert, the comic shorts in Lotek64. I really love the result. BUT: Martin made one mistake: I planned the album title to be „Who Are You And Why Are You On TV?“. Martin added a question mark but improved the title with that.

Besides you can find all of Martin’s works at The site is fully animated and looks really nice. I‘m really happy with this artwork, and who knows, maybe I will ask him to do more artworks.

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Comment from Goto80

February 22nd 2010 19:05
so what was the dream? :)

I don‘t remember. I just had that name in mind when I woke up. But I guess it is because I read about her Polybius project some time ago in GEE magazine. But this was days ago. The weird thing is that I didn‘t know her face. It was only the name. Sometimes our mind plays tricks on us…

Flash Game – Monkey Kong

OMG, I‘m addicted. Addicted to a little simple Flash Game called „Monkey Kong“. The gameplay has nothing to do with Donkey Kong. You are a small ape that has to collect bananas. That’s all. No hazards, no enemies, just bananas, jumping and you. This game is FUN!!!


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This is Raquel Meyers

Last night I slept so damn bad… and I dreamed such shitty things. And when I woke up this morning one name revolved in my head „Raquel Meyers“. She is one of the best visual artists in the world wide chip and retro scene and I really love her work. But in fact I never saw her face. So why the hell do I dream of her? Anyways. Here she is.

[Image source:]

She is cute but definitly older than me. Besides I don‘t wanna start anything with her… gosh… where’s my mind today… it is the fault of the weather. Shitty weather, respect my authoritah!!!

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Another RPM2010 status report

Oh boy… I‘m so done… mentally… I already said it in my blog on (and here’s my RPM-Blog): I‘m fed up with making music. In the last 21 days I finished 8 tracks, I still have to write and record vocals for one song, make a field reording for the introduction, master everything a little bit, burn the CD, print and cut out the cover artwork that I didn‘t receive yet, put everything into an envelope and post it on Friday afternoon. HARD!!!

Well… I‘m glad when RPM2010 is over again. After that I will finish my next album „Tweakological Techniques“… hmm… I‘m saying this for ages… Motone is planning to do a remix of „Assembly Required“. I‘m going to ask him if he has time to do the mastering and I will release everything in one package. My RPM2010 album „Who Are You And Why Are You On TV“ (ot just WAYAWAYOT) will possibly be released on Jamendo again. I am really pleased how „Stock Music“, my RPM2009 album, is presented there. I don‘t like how the upload is managed on first of all you have to do it yourself. OK I admit, I would expect too much from the RPM team if I wanted them to upload hundreds of albums. But additionally you only can upload songs in 128 kbps which is a little low. I normally convert my songs with 160 kbps, Jamendo even offers 192 kbps which is more than I need.

Don‘t get me wrong, I‘m absolutly loving every single song I made for WAYAWAYOT so far. I‘m sure it will be even better than „Tweakological Techniques“. But only because the time span between the tracks I made on TT and WAYAWAYOT is rather big. I also tried many new ways of composing and sampling I didn‘t use on TT. Additionally I‘m working on TT for about 2 years now. And actually I think of dumping the most.

I‘m unsure about TT. I don‘t know if it is still my style. Maybe it doesn‘t show what „The MM Project“ sounds like in 2010… WAYAWAYOT does it much better. I also don‘t want to overwork everything. In fact, it is done. It just needs some little corrections and mastering… I will care for TT as soon as WAYAWAYOT is done completly.

Till then…

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Motone @ Bitte8Bit

Some months ago I was interviewed by Thomas Dörflinger for his weekly radio show bitte8bit. In one of the last shows, Thomas interviewed Motone, a dear friend of mine. I haven‘t heard the show yet (hope I can do it at the weekend) but I‘m sure Motone talks about some interesting stuff. He is using NL 2.3 on a GB micro and I learned a lot from during the „micromusic get together“ in Berlin last year. Listen to it.

More infos on the show: MOTONARONI

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