2 Steps To Stop Smoking

When you follow me on Twitter you might have noticed that I startet to smoke again last week. This is because of a girl that just makes me nervous. I fell in love with her and I even managed to get a date with her. This date is tomorrow. But I know it since beginning of last week so every day I waited I got more nervous. I was so nervous that I asked my collegues for cigarettes more and more and eventually bought my first pack of cigarettes since years. So I smoked my way along the last week and then I noticed how stupid it was. So I used my patented „MM 2 Step Stop Smoking Methode“:

  1. First Step: Start Smoking!
  2. Second Step: Stop Smoking

That’s it basically! I just stopped. I only had one cigarette left yesterday morning so I smoked it before work. That was all. I just stopped. I feels like I have never smoked before. I can even stand sitting next to a smoking person. No problem. Of course it was hard to stop the first time… in Summer 2008. But I had smoked for 4 years before that. This time I „only“ smoked about a week. It is expensive, unhealthy. IT STINKS!!! Nobody likes the smell of smokers, not even other smokers. Weird, but fact!

Well anyways, I‘m happy that I made to stop. But everybody adviced me to. Greets to Motone, Bianca, Reyya and Silja that all said that it is nuts to smoke and they were right! Thanks to you boys and girls! Ok, the date is tomorrow and I‘m still VERY nervous. She’s working in the same company but in another department so I see her quite often. It makes my heart jump a little bit everytime I see her face. And I will meet her in a few minutes, „by accident“ of course ;)

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