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What Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are wordwide, Fix & Foxi are in Germany. Quite popular comic characters with a long history. I never was into Fix & Foxi that much but I knew that they had stopped releasing a regular comic magazine. So I was very surprised seeing a new issue of it in the super market the other day. I thought this new #1 was a good chance to step into the world of Fix & Foxi and it was only 2.95 Euro so I bought it.

I think it is best to compare this magazine to its biggest competitor the German „Micky Maus Magazin“ (MMM). The MMM always contains several stories and one continued story. There are also some pages with jokes, funny facts and tips for videogames, TV-series, DVDs a.s.o. Then there is always a gimmick. A little toy, most of the time very useless stuff which says „batteries not included“ on the front page. The comics are from Denmark, Italy or even the Netherlands. But I found out that some of my favorite artists only draw many many 4-rows-stories (in the monthly LTB there are only the 3-row-stories). So buying a MMM is good when you want a new Vicar story.

Now to the „Fix & Foxi Magazin“ (F&FM). The comics suck. In this issue there were 2 stories. Quite uninspired. Boring… I even felt like I read one of the stories years ago when I was in the waiting room of the physician. I never liked the characters of F&F very much. Additionally the texters tried to make the speech a bit younger and they even used some curse words on Lupo, the nice and always losing villian of the universe. I don‘t think that fits to a comic magazine which target group is about 8 – 12 years old. When I had kids, I don‘t think I would like comics in which the characters curse on each other. The F&FM contains a big magazine part that always cares about a certain topic. This time the topic was the deep sea. I think I would like it when I was 10, but I ain‘t so I hate it! But I am not part of the target group so it doesn‘t count. The F&FM also brings a gimmick. In this issue it is a small gummie-sting-ray. That’s OK I guess.

The most interesting thing is, that you can get ALL the 1500 old issues online. Of course you have to pay for it. Unfortunatly the team seems to be unsure if it is 4 Euros per month or 5 Euros per issue. I saw both prieces (for the same offer) on two pages directly next to each other. Quite confusing. But the idea is great. It is only digital. But you can dowload them in PDF format or as an eBook. But ehapa that releases the MMM will never come up with this concept cause they earn thousands of Euros with reprints of popular artist’s comics. For everybody that doesn‘t like Mickey Mouse at all we even have the „Donald Duck Sonderheft“ (DDSH) that only contains reprints and first-releases of Duck-stories. Don Rosa himself says that the DDSH is the best European printed Disney publication. And Don Rosa cares a lot about printed publications!

I think if I was a hardcore F&F fan or maybe only as much a F&F fan as I am a Donald Duck fan I would be a little bit ashamed of this magazine. Maybe this magazine needs a little more time to evolve. I won‘t buy it another time.

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