Darkwing Duck comic revised

I really love Darkwing Duck. It is one of the best Disney TV shows ever. This super hero concept with super villains and stuff. After all it is a mix of Batman and Superman together with Duck Tales. Darkwing even isn‘t the always winning super hero, he often only wins by accident or major help by his friends, sometimes just because of the stupidity of his enemies. The stories are great, the characters are great… but enough for the TV show.

I knew that there were DD comics. I think there were also released in the Micky Maus Magazin (MMM) in the early 90ies and later in one book only dealing with Darkwing Duck. I never was into those comics. I was reading the MMM and that was enough. You know, as a kid you don‘t have the money to buy much stuff. Getting a MMM every two weeks was more than I could expect.

One of the artists that drew those comics, Doug Gray, has now released a revised version of one of his works. It is really interesting to see what he planned to do and could not realize or just what mistakes he made looking back. It even shows that the artists were allowed to put stuff into the comic stories that were not in the TV show. Like the villain in this story who is just a „normal“ talking cat, looking a bit like Figaro, Minnie’s Kitty, in red. This again shows how rude Disney threat their comic stories and that they gave a sh*t about canons and continuity. Some people like that I don‘t. There was a time in the mid 90ies when Disney tried to put up a major universe just like in super hero comic but it didn‘t work for Mickey and Co. Maybe it is better the way it is but I would love if they would agree to some basic facts every artist has to obey.

Anyways, here is the Link to „Doug Gray’s Dumb Blog“ (he choosed this name, not me!) and the article itself that contains both, the original and revised versions of the comic: DARKWINGDUCKERONI

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