Some days ago I bought the latest issue of the so called „Enten Edition“. A regular special release of the „Lustiges Taschenbuch“ (LTB). It comes about 3 times, maybe twice a year and often contains brand new releases by mostly Italian artists. Every issue has a special topic, this time it is about ancestors. When I first saw the cover artwork at the end of last year I was really excited because I thought we would get some stories in the way of Don Rosa’s „The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck“. The cover artwork shows many of Scrooges ancestors. But this book only contains stupid stories of Ducks in Egypt, Arabia, Ducks as pirates and other stupid times. I was really dissapointed. Only one story really caught me: Magica De Spell’s ancestor who invented a hammer that made everything to gold and Scrooge’s ancestor dressing up as a witch to infiltrate the witches and get the hammer. This story was really funny. But the rest just sucked. This book was something we in Germany call „Mogelpackung“, it pretended to be something it just is not!

The same day I bought the latest issue of the LTB #399. The title story was called „Seine erste Millionen“ (His first Million) and was about Scrooge earning his first million dollars. This story was only a weak rip off of Don Rosa’s biography. And in the anniversary issue next month there will be another story about Scrooge earing the second million… I hope it is not as lame as this one…

I admit, Don Rosa really created a masterpiece and it will be hard for any other artist to reach the quality of the stories. But sometimes I feel like Italian artists just want to draw and write anything, just fill up some pages and sell the stuff to Ehapa that release this stories here in Germany. Ehapa also releases a monthly book hardly containing Italian comics because many fans don‘t like them. And slowly I start to understand why.

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