Doctor Who – Robots of Death

Besides my music, comics and cartoons and my love for retro-gaming I‘m also a quite big fan of Doctor Who. I listen to a regular podcast called „Whocast“ only dealing with Doctor Who and its spin-offs. Very often the two hosts ask for support. You have to apply for it by sending in a short audio file and then the forum at decides which applicant may be the support. This time I was the only applicant so I was a lucky rabbit (no, not Oswald) and now I will travel down to Düsseldorf soon.

What will I do in Düsseldorf? Well, I received a DVD containing a classic espisode of Doctor Who yesterday. When I am in Düsseldorf we will talk about this episode. What was good, what was not so good. How was the acting if there was any and so on. The episode I received is „Robots of Death“. The story is about the Doctor and and his strange companion Leela (who reminded me of Xena a little bit) who arrive on board of a big mining machine. On this mining machine the crew gets killed by its own robots. The rest is a mix of Agatha Christie and Star Trek. Really enjoyable and even though the special effects were quite lame in the 1970ies I really like this episode. I will tell you more in the Whocast episode. I look forward to the day we‘ll record this show.

Till then:

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