Another RPM2010 status report

Oh boy… I‘m so done… mentally… I already said it in my blog on (and here’s my RPM-Blog): I‘m fed up with making music. In the last 21 days I finished 8 tracks, I still have to write and record vocals for one song, make a field reording for the introduction, master everything a little bit, burn the CD, print and cut out the cover artwork that I didn‘t receive yet, put everything into an envelope and post it on Friday afternoon. HARD!!!

Well… I‘m glad when RPM2010 is over again. After that I will finish my next album „Tweakological Techniques“… hmm… I‘m saying this for ages… Motone is planning to do a remix of „Assembly Required“. I‘m going to ask him if he has time to do the mastering and I will release everything in one package. My RPM2010 album „Who Are You And Why Are You On TV“ (ot just WAYAWAYOT) will possibly be released on Jamendo again. I am really pleased how „Stock Music“, my RPM2009 album, is presented there. I don‘t like how the upload is managed on first of all you have to do it yourself. OK I admit, I would expect too much from the RPM team if I wanted them to upload hundreds of albums. But additionally you only can upload songs in 128 kbps which is a little low. I normally convert my songs with 160 kbps, Jamendo even offers 192 kbps which is more than I need.

Don‘t get me wrong, I‘m absolutly loving every single song I made for WAYAWAYOT so far. I‘m sure it will be even better than „Tweakological Techniques“. But only because the time span between the tracks I made on TT and WAYAWAYOT is rather big. I also tried many new ways of composing and sampling I didn‘t use on TT. Additionally I‘m working on TT for about 2 years now. And actually I think of dumping the most.

I‘m unsure about TT. I don‘t know if it is still my style. Maybe it doesn‘t show what „The MM Project“ sounds like in 2010… WAYAWAYOT does it much better. I also don‘t want to overwork everything. In fact, it is done. It just needs some little corrections and mastering… I will care for TT as soon as WAYAWAYOT is done completly.

Till then…

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