LSDJ & MadTracker

I have LSDJ and NL 2.3 for quite a while. But since I only have a GBA I never really recorded any of the songs I made with LSDJ. And I actually never really did a song with NL 2.3 so far because I can‘t handle it yet. On Monday I was joking around in LSDJ. I always wanted to do a song in the style of Escape Hawaii, just as an funny tribute and to tell him that he shouldn‘t stop chip business. Well, I tried to copy the intro bassline of „The City Never Sleeps“ but again I failed. I also didn‘t want to copy it 1:1, I just wanted to make it a little bit like it. But in the end I only had this bassline and a rather weak melody line. So I had 2 choices:

1. Dump everything, forget about LSDJ on my RPM2010 album and go on with stuff I can handle.
2. Use this two elements and make a song with it.

I picked the second. I made up new intruments for both parts, put everything on the synth track in LSDJ, recorded both lines, put a squarewaveform bassline in MadTracker behind it and had the basics of my new song. I added some supporting melodies and the famous BRK, OH and AH samples to the song to give it the LSDJ sound. I was surprised how they sounded after I recorded them from the Gameboy. When I was a kid I made some experiments with the Gameboy and recored the sound of several games (like Pokémon, Kirby etc) on tape but the volume of the sound was really low. Well, maybe because the tape recorder was even older than me and the wires and plugs I had to use to connect the recorder and the Gameboy where old, too.

The only problem I see is, that I always have to know the speed of my song very early in the production process. I mean, this time I started at 150 bpm and also used this tempo in LSDJ. I will keep the tempo this time. But what if I have a real complex song with many samples from LSDJ and I want to change the tempo later??? This would mean I had to re-record all the elements again in the new tempo. You have to know that I prefer working in the FastTracker 2 engine of MadTracker 2. But even with the loop synchronizing feature of the original MT2 it would change the key of every sample. And all the programs I have to adjust the tempo also distort the sound a lot. There are always fragments no matter in which direction I change the tempo.

Anyways, I‘m proud of the song. I know that this is not the maximum of things possible with LSDJ but it is a start. And I‘m still looking for the good old DMG to let it sound perfect.

Follow the little red TEMPO!!!

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2 Antworten auf “LSDJ & MadTracker”

  1. 1 motone 24. Februar 2010 um 12:52 Uhr

    Using LSDJ on GBA is a pain in the aXXe. I‘d definitely go for a DMG. I‘m using two: one for composing and another one with a bad screen (some columns are missing) and line out mod for recording.

  2. 2 thomasd 24. Februar 2010 um 13:49 Uhr

    For composing itself I use a gameboy color. After some hours staring at the DMG’s bad display with its 4 grey scales my eyes would burn like hell.
    When it goes to recording, I switch to the DMG of course. Sometimes some complicated effects need to be reworked on the DMG, though.

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