A short comment on links

On the right side of my blog, a little bit lower, no up, up, that’s left… fool, I said my blog not Ashley Tisdale’s webpage… aah, you got it :D … there are some little pictures that, as soon as you click them, lead to other pages. These are blogs or pages I regularly visit and love.

I would also like to encourage you to click on the „I love Binaerpilot“ link. BP always helds the link wars to bring people on his webpage. In 2008 I was on place 3 (!!!) but I don‘t wanna talk about last year. And this year there seems to be a cheater. I already created about 450 clicks to Binaerpilot and the guy on place one seems to have created more than 10k!!! I can‘t believe that it is done by normal clicks. 10k clicks in only 2 months seems to be unrealistic. In first place you should click on the Binaerpilot link because he is doing great music and also builds a cool world around his stuff! In second place you should click it to bring me up. The winner of „Link Wars“ receives a cool price. I think a handsigned CD or such.

Some of the pages are also my sources. Most of the time I have read about the stuff I write on those pages. And to give them back a little bit, just click on them, read what they write and hug them in mind :)

So far…

And don‘t forget to follow the little red UFO (also on Twitter)!!!

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