Two great articles about Zelda

Recently two really impressive articles around the Zelda universe have been released. The first cares about the names and meanings of enemies inhabiting the kingdom of Hyrule. It puts up some really nice ideas and facts. And let’s be honest: How often do we get actual facts when we talk about the Zelda univers?!

The second one is more theorethical again. It is about „Link’s Awakening“ and how a dreamworld can be the place for a Zelda game.

I think these two articles show that many people still care about the „Legend of Zelda“ even if most of the games are older than some of their players. I just wanna remind you to the boy from Spy Kids that thought it would know well about timeline theories. In case you don‘t remember, here’s the link again: IDIOTERONI. As a Zelda fan you have to watch it. Even I with my low knowledge about Zelda timelines and everything around, know that he is talking shit. But I think that he had one good point. I can‘t remember which. Maybe it was when he switched off the camera… I don‘t know.

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