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Because the blog-platform is from Germany every single word in the Wordpress-engine was in German. I tried a lot to find certain word and translated them to English manually. But I couldn‘t find the word for the extended blog-posts. Now I found it and it looks like this: (read on…)

Doctor Who – Robots of Death

Besides my music, comics and cartoons and my love for retro-gaming I‘m also a quite big fan of Doctor Who. I listen to a regular podcast called „Whocast“ only dealing with Doctor Who and its spin-offs. Very often the two hosts ask for support. You have to apply for it by sending in a short audio file and then the forum at decides which applicant may be the support. This time I was the only applicant so I was a lucky rabbit (no, not Oswald) and now I will travel down to Düsseldorf soon.

What will I do in Düsseldorf? Well, I received a DVD containing a classic espisode of Doctor Who yesterday. When I am in Düsseldorf we will talk about this episode. What was good, what was not so good. How was the acting if there was any and so on. The episode I received is „Robots of Death“. The story is about the Doctor and and his strange companion Leela (who reminded me of Xena a little bit) who arrive on board of a big mining machine. On this mining machine the crew gets killed by its own robots. The rest is a mix of Agatha Christie and Star Trek. Really enjoyable and even though the special effects were quite lame in the 1970ies I really like this episode. I will tell you more in the Whocast episode. I look forward to the day we‘ll record this show.

Till then:

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Some days ago I bought the latest issue of the so called „Enten Edition“. A regular special release of the „Lustiges Taschenbuch“ (LTB). It comes about 3 times, maybe twice a year and often contains brand new releases by mostly Italian artists. Every issue has a special topic, this time it is about ancestors. When I first saw the cover artwork at the end of last year I was really excited because I thought we would get some stories in the way of Don Rosa’s „The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck“. The cover artwork shows many of Scrooges ancestors. But this book only contains stupid stories of Ducks in Egypt, Arabia, Ducks as pirates and other stupid times. I was really dissapointed. Only one story really caught me: Magica De Spell’s ancestor who invented a hammer that made everything to gold and Scrooge’s ancestor dressing up as a witch to infiltrate the witches and get the hammer. This story was really funny. But the rest just sucked. This book was something we in Germany call „Mogelpackung“, it pretended to be something it just is not!

The same day I bought the latest issue of the LTB #399. The title story was called „Seine erste Millionen“ (His first Million) and was about Scrooge earning his first million dollars. This story was only a weak rip off of Don Rosa’s biography. And in the anniversary issue next month there will be another story about Scrooge earing the second million… I hope it is not as lame as this one…

I admit, Don Rosa really created a masterpiece and it will be hard for any other artist to reach the quality of the stories. But sometimes I feel like Italian artists just want to draw and write anything, just fill up some pages and sell the stuff to Ehapa that release this stories here in Germany. Ehapa also releases a monthly book hardly containing Italian comics because many fans don‘t like them. And slowly I start to understand why.

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Turtles Forever

OMG. Do you remember the old 80ies Turtles TV show? Yes? Did you love it back then? Yes? Do you also know the new TV show that came up some years ago? Yes? Did you like it? NO???? OK, it was a lot different to the story lines in the 80ies‘ show but it made up some great new ideas. It was OK, not as good as the old one, but enough to keep the Turtles franchise alive besides the CGI-movie TMNT. I just checked out the critics of Nonstalgia Critic and he reviewed a Turtles TV special called „Turtles Forever“. This special brings together the old 80ies and the new aga TV shows. I love crossover, I will definitly watch it.

You can get a fast look on it by watching the critic of Nostalgia Critic. NINJATURTLERONI

Hope it gets released on DVD at least in the USA.

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The MM Project – Now with Twitterfeed

There is a nice service on the net that automatically posts your RSS-Feeds to Twitter. I created an account and with this post it should be activated. So I don‘t have to post a new blog entry to Twitter manually anymore. Let’s see if it works. I‘m excited :)

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Darkwing Duck comic revised

I really love Darkwing Duck. It is one of the best Disney TV shows ever. This super hero concept with super villains and stuff. After all it is a mix of Batman and Superman together with Duck Tales. Darkwing even isn‘t the always winning super hero, he often only wins by accident or major help by his friends, sometimes just because of the stupidity of his enemies. The stories are great, the characters are great… but enough for the TV show.

I knew that there were DD comics. I think there were also released in the Micky Maus Magazin (MMM) in the early 90ies and later in one book only dealing with Darkwing Duck. I never was into those comics. I was reading the MMM and that was enough. You know, as a kid you don‘t have the money to buy much stuff. Getting a MMM every two weeks was more than I could expect.

One of the artists that drew those comics, Doug Gray, has now released a revised version of one of his works. It is really interesting to see what he planned to do and could not realize or just what mistakes he made looking back. It even shows that the artists were allowed to put stuff into the comic stories that were not in the TV show. Like the villain in this story who is just a „normal“ talking cat, looking a bit like Figaro, Minnie’s Kitty, in red. This again shows how rude Disney threat their comic stories and that they gave a sh*t about canons and continuity. Some people like that I don‘t. There was a time in the mid 90ies when Disney tried to put up a major universe just like in super hero comic but it didn‘t work for Mickey and Co. Maybe it is better the way it is but I would love if they would agree to some basic facts every artist has to obey.

Anyways, here is the Link to „Doug Gray’s Dumb Blog“ (he choosed this name, not me!) and the article itself that contains both, the original and revised versions of the comic: DARKWINGDUCKERONI

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I Fight Dragons sign major label contract

At the moment there is a discussion going on in the chipmusic scene. I don‘t follow it, I don‘t like this flaming and hating and cursing on things people can‘t change anyway! The reason for this discussion is that one of the best bands that uses chipsounds has signed a major label contract.

I just wanna say this little thing: Imagine you would get the offer, wouldn‘t you sign? Hell, I would! I mean, I heard it from Psilodump some years ago that he almost got signed. But he said that the label people wanted to change his music too much so he quit the contract. I don‘t know. I love it to work as an underground artist. But I am just doing music. I‘m not playing shows, I‘m not selling merch. There are certain thing I don‘t care about. I don‘t even care about getting famous, if somebody likes my music, fine! If not, go to hell. So I don‘t need a label contract. The small chipmusic scene is enough for me. My universe doesn‘t need to be too big.

If others want to be bigger and dare to deal with major label restrictions, OK for them. Courtney Love said one thing the best: „It’s a radical time for musicians, a really revolutionary time, and I believe revolutions like Napster are a lot more fun than cash, which by the way we don‘t have at major labels anyway, so we might as well get with it and get in the game.“ You can switch „Napster“ with any platform you want,, Soundcloud, even 8 Bit Collective and micromusic. Musicians don‘t need a major label as long as they accept not beeing in the charts, in all record stores and on the big stages all over the world. Beeing a small artist with a small fan base is OK. It is enough. But as long as you dare to deal with major labels destroying your vision of music, go for it!

And nobody ever said, earning money with indie-/underground-music is wrong. It just doesn‘t meet the points of view of many underground artists.

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RPM Challenge – my status

It’s Feb 10th today and I just wanna give you a little status report about my album. First of all the album is called „Who Are You And Why Are You TV?“. Long title, but I love it. The artwork will be done by Martin Schemitsch who also draws Lo*Bert, the comic shorts in Lotek64.

At the moment I have 5 songs done and another one in the making. I will sing a lot on this album, 2 of my 5 songs I have so far contain vocals already.

I‘m sure this album will be much better than my last years RPM album and even better than all my albums so far. I tried out a new way of production. This time the whole album is based upon samples and loops from libraries, that I take to be inspired. Most of the time it is just one riff or melody-sample and I‘m building the rest of the song around them. Sometimes it is just a percussion loop that defines the rhythm and/or sound of the song. I also use a lot of improvising. Letting the main melody play and record many notes to it. After that I correct the timing, delete some mistakes and add some additional notes. The song I‘m currently working on is mainly based on that concept. Melodies turn out to be much more alive and funky with that method.

I hope I can upload some songs soon. There is an RPMcast again, unfortunatly not longer run by Joshua Wentz. He decided not to take part in any way in this years RPM which I think to be very sad. I loved his calm voice in 2009s podcast-episodes, even though he had a cold in the last days of February.

I also met many great artists from the chipmusic scene on the RPM website. Dauragon is preparing something and the awesome zan-zan-zawa-veia (long but great artist name), too. I guess there are some more who I just didn‘t notice.

So far for this time,

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2 Steps To Stop Smoking

When you follow me on Twitter you might have noticed that I startet to smoke again last week. This is because of a girl that just makes me nervous. I fell in love with her and I even managed to get a date with her. This date is tomorrow. But I know it since beginning of last week so every day I waited I got more nervous. I was so nervous that I asked my collegues for cigarettes more and more and eventually bought my first pack of cigarettes since years. So I smoked my way along the last week and then I noticed how stupid it was. So I used my patented „MM 2 Step Stop Smoking Methode“:

  1. First Step: Start Smoking!
  2. Second Step: Stop Smoking

That’s it basically! I just stopped. I only had one cigarette left yesterday morning so I smoked it before work. That was all. I just stopped. I feels like I have never smoked before. I can even stand sitting next to a smoking person. No problem. Of course it was hard to stop the first time… in Summer 2008. But I had smoked for 4 years before that. This time I „only“ smoked about a week. It is expensive, unhealthy. IT STINKS!!! Nobody likes the smell of smokers, not even other smokers. Weird, but fact!

Well anyways, I‘m happy that I made to stop. But everybody adviced me to. Greets to Motone, Bianca, Reyya and Silja that all said that it is nuts to smoke and they were right! Thanks to you boys and girls! Ok, the date is tomorrow and I‘m still VERY nervous. She’s working in the same company but in another department so I see her quite often. It makes my heart jump a little bit everytime I see her face. And I will meet her in a few minutes, „by accident“ of course ;)

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New Fix & Foxi Magazine

What Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are wordwide, Fix & Foxi are in Germany. Quite popular comic characters with a long history. I never was into Fix & Foxi that much but I knew that they had stopped releasing a regular comic magazine. So I was very surprised seeing a new issue of it in the super market the other day. I thought this new #1 was a good chance to step into the world of Fix & Foxi and it was only 2.95 Euro so I bought it.

I think it is best to compare this magazine to its biggest competitor the German „Micky Maus Magazin“ (MMM). The MMM always contains several stories and one continued story. There are also some pages with jokes, funny facts and tips for videogames, TV-series, DVDs a.s.o. Then there is always a gimmick. A little toy, most of the time very useless stuff which says „batteries not included“ on the front page. The comics are from Denmark, Italy or even the Netherlands. But I found out that some of my favorite artists only draw many many 4-rows-stories (in the monthly LTB there are only the 3-row-stories). So buying a MMM is good when you want a new Vicar story.

Now to the „Fix & Foxi Magazin“ (F&FM). The comics suck. In this issue there were 2 stories. Quite uninspired. Boring… I even felt like I read one of the stories years ago when I was in the waiting room of the physician. I never liked the characters of F&F very much. Additionally the texters tried to make the speech a bit younger and they even used some curse words on Lupo, the nice and always losing villian of the universe. I don‘t think that fits to a comic magazine which target group is about 8 – 12 years old. When I had kids, I don‘t think I would like comics in which the characters curse on each other. The F&FM contains a big magazine part that always cares about a certain topic. This time the topic was the deep sea. I think I would like it when I was 10, but I ain‘t so I hate it! But I am not part of the target group so it doesn‘t count. The F&FM also brings a gimmick. In this issue it is a small gummie-sting-ray. That’s OK I guess.

The most interesting thing is, that you can get ALL the 1500 old issues online. Of course you have to pay for it. Unfortunatly the team seems to be unsure if it is 4 Euros per month or 5 Euros per issue. I saw both prieces (for the same offer) on two pages directly next to each other. Quite confusing. But the idea is great. It is only digital. But you can dowload them in PDF format or as an eBook. But ehapa that releases the MMM will never come up with this concept cause they earn thousands of Euros with reprints of popular artist’s comics. For everybody that doesn‘t like Mickey Mouse at all we even have the „Donald Duck Sonderheft“ (DDSH) that only contains reprints and first-releases of Duck-stories. Don Rosa himself says that the DDSH is the best European printed Disney publication. And Don Rosa cares a lot about printed publications!

I think if I was a hardcore F&F fan or maybe only as much a F&F fan as I am a Donald Duck fan I would be a little bit ashamed of this magazine. Maybe this magazine needs a little more time to evolve. I won‘t buy it another time.

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