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James Rolfes in „Plan 9 From Outer Space“ Remake

Oh yeah, James Rolfes aka The Angry Videogame Nerd, will play a role in the remake of „Plan 9…“. The original movie is one of the trash movies that ever was! To be honest, it sucks but it rocks the way it sucks. Well the new version already suffers a little bit by the modern age zombies but see yourself:

Let’s see how the movie turns out in the end. I‘m excited already :)

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Where is Waldo?

I really hate this search pictures. But this rocks. Thispicture hides 56 different videogame titles. Some of them are easy to guess, some of them are not. Without any help I guessed 34, with the solution I found all. Everything is part of a weird project that sort of belongs to Tron. I don‘t know…

The game rocks, that is the most important thing!!


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Nintendo 3DS announced

[image source: Zelda Informer]

Oh, man this is so lame. But it is typical for Nintendo. Just think back to the age of the Gameboy. There were sooooo many handheld consoles that were much better than the old grey brick but Nintendo pwned them all. Just because of the right games: Tetris in the beginning, then Mario and Pokémon in the end. It is the same with the DS. Dr. Kawashima rocks balls, Layton also does. So even if Sony and Apple have consoles with much better specs, Nintendo stills pwnes them. Well, let’s see if Nintendo can reach the power of the PSP or the iPhone and iPod touch with the 3DS…

But maybe it’s only „for whom it may concern“…

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PS: maybe the 3DS will look a little bit like the Nintendo BS: FAKERONI

Doctor Who – New Who Season 5 Trailer

I actually don‘t like the new Doctor. He is too young. But anyway, the trailer rocks. Hope we can see the missing 3rd, 4th and the new 5th season soon in Germany.

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The Happening

Yesterday my best lady friend had the spontanious idea to rent a movie. We decided to rent M. Night Shayamalan’s „The Happening“. Even though I knew what the movie was about, I agreed with her. Shayamalan did some great movies. „The Village“ is not among his better movies but I had seen „The Lady in the Water“ recently and I really loved it. „Unbreakable“ even is one of my favorite movies of all time because of its superhero comic like story. OK when you still wanna watch it and don‘t want to be spoiled don‘t read on. Otherwise follow this link --> (read on…)

Chocolate conspiracy

This morning I had a terrible thought. What if the candy industry always melts the old chocolate Santas to produce the bunnies for Eastern? I talked to my collegues before work and they said, normally they would get wasted and not recycled. But I don‘t believe that. What if we are eating the same chocolate for 23 years over and over again? This would explain why this mid priced chocolate stuff tastes so… mid priced. Of course this makes sense. It saves the company money, normally chocolate doesn‘t get bad because it is full of sugar. It only starts to have this white surface which is simply fat from the chocolate and nothing else… so… if I was a season’s candy producer I would recycle old chocolate…

Is this making a bad person out of me? YES! I would do bad things if I had some more power… and the world gets destroyed in 2012 anyway! It all started when this UFO crashlanded in Rosswell in the 1940ies. The aliens had this idea and told the Illuminati to care for recycling chocolate every year… What? No, I don‘t want to wear this white jacket. The sleeves are too long. White is not my color anywhere. What? OK, I‘ll take one of those pills. Just against headache? OK! No, I don‘t need no water to swallow it.

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Discogs – Call for help

From time to time I check Discogs to find out which of my releases are listed there and which are not. This morning I got a little angry. I mean, looking at Discogs and seeing all the artists also called MM there made me change my beloved artist name. Well, I just wanted to ask you for help. If you have a Discogs account you can help me with putting in some of my releases. Some people already did and I added „Stock Music“ just some moments ago. Maybe you can add some of my older albums or EPs. Some of them aren‘t available online anymore, that’s something I‘m gonna change quite soon. Maybe you remember one of the countless compilations I am on. You can also help by putting the complete compilations into Discogs. It is easy, I just did it, so it can‘t be that hard ;)

Well, I have an headache so I stop writing. The PC screen starts making me dizzy…

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Releases Page

In first place this blog was planned to be for my music and nothing else. Due to the fact that I also love so many different things this blog changed to a „What MM is thinking of all day“-blog during the last months. To bring the original purpose of this blog back a little bit I just created the „Releases“-tab that brings you all posts about my freshly released music. At the moment my output is a little low. But this will change soon.

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Superhero Comics

I wanted to write an article about superhero comics for a long time but always needed an inspiration. The other day I went to the book store in our local train station just to check if some interesting new things were out. I don‘t follow release dates of manga anymore because I don‘t read them that much anymore. So I have to check myself in the stores. That has one big additional advantage: I can leave my apartment and go for a short walk. (read on…)

The Darkness That Zelda Deserves

This article deals with the way stories are told in the Zelda universe. We always have the hero, the villain and of course the hero wins at the end. But what if we had to decide who we should save first: Princess Zelda or the world?

This article brings one good thought: What if we had to lose in the end of the game? This would bring up the possibility for a direct sequel and a clearer timeline. But: Would it work??? I don‘t think so. First of all we love the Zelda series for the way each game is presented. Each game uses another gameplay element. For example the time jumps in Ocarina of Time, the two worlds in A Link to the Past and the wolf-form in Twilight Princess. A direct sequel would mean, we would lose this way. A direct sequel that also continues the story of the previous game can‘t bring a new gameplay element.

I just had to think of the Prince of Persia franchise. In one trilogy of the games you are able to manipulate time by using the Sand of Time. These games belong together. In the latest game of the series there was no Sand anymore because they started a new story line with new gameplay elements. This game even is a good example for hours and hours of playing, and in the end your love is laying there sleeping. To be continued in the next games… the missing episode only was released via DLC on PS3 and XBOX360 for about 10 €. PC gamers didn‘t even get the chance to play this small episode. OK, Zelda is Nintendo exclusive and Miyamoto doesn‘t believe in online distribution.

Back to Zelda: We are used to see a cheering crowd in the end of the Zelda-games. Of course it would motivate us to buy the next game if we still had a mission to accomplish. But just IMAGINE (it will never happen) the game sucks. Nobody would buy the sequel.

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