RPM2010 – The Final Results

Oh boy, RPM2010 is finally over. Luckily I saved some energy before February and I didn‘t make some mistakes I made last year. First of all I didn‘t create the artwork myself. I asked Martin Schemitsch to draw it. That was the best idea I ever had. Then I also didn‘t participate in the WinterChip project of BattleOfTheBits that also takes place in February. Last year I joined many project besides RPM2009 which took away a lot time. Of course all my tracks I made for other projects are on the RPM2009 album, too.

But for WinterChip for example I needed to make a module that was below 28k. You can hear this limitation in the weak sound of the instruments of „Kungeon Deeper“. This time I had two projects running besides RPM2010: the second Vocal Compilation of Calmdownkidder Records and the 20k300 compilation of 20kbps records. But I didn‘t make the tracks especially for this compos. After I had finished the RPM album, I picked one track for each compo and submitted them to the labels. The good thing was that I sing a lot on „Who Are You? And Why Are You On TV“ so it was easy to pick a song for the Vocal Compilation. The advantage of this way was that I could just go on working without thinking of a certain sound for the one or another project.

Anyways, I officially was done on Friday evening. I went to my parents place and asked my father to help me out. I burned 3 copies of WAYAWAYOT, one for the RPM HQ, one for my father who really likes my music and of course one for myself. I made this mistake last year. I only burned one copy for the RPM HQ. So I have no physical copy of „Stock Music“ (I don‘t abbreviate „Stock Music“ cause it would say SM then… now I did it… curses). Then we printed the artworks and my father cutted them out, he is really good with such things. Then we made the finish line photo (see above) and I was done. Then we only printed an adresse sticker for the envelope (I‘m still surprised that the album arrived the RPM HQ last year, my handwriting sucks!) and I posted everything on Saturdy morning.

OK, on the album I have 10 tracks including an introduction. This introduction is a field recording in a big local department store. You know with super markets, clothes shops and restaurants. I recorded 10 minutes with my MP3-player and in the end I only used about 1.5 minutes of it. I cut some pieces out and crossfaded them. In then end you can hear me ordering my favorite Chinese meal in the Chinese takeaway: #108 with noodles! All tracks together are just a few seconds over 35 minutes. I even had to take one track off the album because the sound quality was shit and it would have taken away too much time to make it fit to the rest of the songs.

By the way: little-scale also made an RPM2010 album. You can find it on his blog: LITTLESCALERONI

Enough for this time!


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