The Darkness That Zelda Deserves

This article deals with the way stories are told in the Zelda universe. We always have the hero, the villain and of course the hero wins at the end. But what if we had to decide who we should save first: Princess Zelda or the world?

This article brings one good thought: What if we had to lose in the end of the game? This would bring up the possibility for a direct sequel and a clearer timeline. But: Would it work??? I don‘t think so. First of all we love the Zelda series for the way each game is presented. Each game uses another gameplay element. For example the time jumps in Ocarina of Time, the two worlds in A Link to the Past and the wolf-form in Twilight Princess. A direct sequel would mean, we would lose this way. A direct sequel that also continues the story of the previous game can‘t bring a new gameplay element.

I just had to think of the Prince of Persia franchise. In one trilogy of the games you are able to manipulate time by using the Sand of Time. These games belong together. In the latest game of the series there was no Sand anymore because they started a new story line with new gameplay elements. This game even is a good example for hours and hours of playing, and in the end your love is laying there sleeping. To be continued in the next games… the missing episode only was released via DLC on PS3 and XBOX360 for about 10 €. PC gamers didn‘t even get the chance to play this small episode. OK, Zelda is Nintendo exclusive and Miyamoto doesn‘t believe in online distribution.

Back to Zelda: We are used to see a cheering crowd in the end of the Zelda-games. Of course it would motivate us to buy the next game if we still had a mission to accomplish. But just IMAGINE (it will never happen) the game sucks. Nobody would buy the sequel.

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