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I wanted to write an article about superhero comics for a long time but always needed an inspiration. The other day I went to the book store in our local train station just to check if some interesting new things were out. I don‘t follow release dates of manga anymore because I don‘t read them that much anymore. So I have to check myself in the stores. That has one big additional advantage: I can leave my apartment and go for a short walk.

Anyways I only wanted to check if the latest Zelda manga was released and it wasn‘t so I sneaked through the store looking for other stuff. Suddenly I saw a logo that looked familar to me. It was „Ultimate Spider-Man“ or in German „Der Ultimative Spider-Man“… German comic titles always suck. I knew that this comic series existed. As soon as I heard about the video game related to it I wanted to have it and some years ago I bought the Gamecube version (some time after I found out that my PC was too slow to handle the great cel-shading graphics). Well, this faithful evening I looked on the backside of the book and saw the price: 15 Euros each.

Who can afford this??? I mean, just think it through and the German issues are cheaper than the original American issues. Here in Germany we often get full stories collected in one issue. There are only some superhero comic series that are released chapter by chapter. As far as I could see, issue 1 of „Ultimate Spider-Man“ contains the complete introductory chapters which are 6 or 7 chapters IIRC. But compared to other comics like Donald Duck, which is available for 3 Euros and contains about 5 short stories and some edited pages, superhero comics are much too expensive. And if you compare it to mangas you can see the difference. An average manga book is about 6 euros and depending on what you read it is worth it.
At the moment I follow the „Utopia“ storyline of Marvel. The issues are about 6 Euros each and also contain several chapters. Originally they were released in different Marvel series like „X-Men Legacy“ and „Avengers“ or whatsoever. I think this is affordable. And even bigger releases like Marvels „1602″ were worth the 16 Euros I paid for them. I only have an problem with paying so much money for the next shitty event comics that always promise big changes and in the end there is a „reset button“ and everything never happened (like it happened in a JLA comic I bought last year).

I only decided to stop buying the „Lustiges Taschenbuch“. This gives me 5 extra Euros to deal with. Maybe I‘ll still buy the special issues even though they are full of Italian shit. I think I have enough with the „Donald Duck Sonderheft“. Additionally I started to read Perry Rhoadn which means I need 2 Euros each week. Yes, this means something. I‘m reading very much. I spend most of my money for books, magazines and comics… and food! Greets to Tom Woxom!

The next thing are the many many many stupid superhero movies. I mean, there are great films. Just think of The Dark Knight or Watchmen. But then you have things like Rise of the Silver Surfer that make you doubt on your own intelligence. I mean… what is this??? This is no movie. This is shit. I was so dissapointed. Hello!! It is the Fantastic Four we are talking about. These 4 superheroes are some of the most classic superheroes Marvel has. And then they let Jessica Alba do the job?! OK, she is hot. But she can‘t act. The first 3 Spider-Man movies were OK. Spider-Man even re-opened the market for superhero-movies. I mean, there was Blade doing his job for several years, even before Marvel started its own film production company „Marvel Entertainment“.

But let us look back some years further. Do you remember Super-Girl? This movie was so bad, DC even decided to let the character die in the comic series just to forget about this movie. And I don‘t wanna start to think about the old Spider-Man, Hulk and Batman TV-shows. The cartoon shows always were great. I mean, Superman is flying through his cartoon world since the 1930ies or such.

The most stupid thing recently was the relaunch of the Hulk franchise just to be better prepared for the upcoming Avengers movie. You know, they changed the entire cast, most of the given facts of the first movie and made it compatible to the Iron Man movie. Oh yeah, Iron Man comes back this year. The first movie was great, let’s see what happens in the second one. I hope War Machine appears finally.

I really expect the upcoming Avengers movie to be awesome. Iron Man has just started to form this team so it will take some more years until we‘ll actually see this movie. I also hope the Silver Surfer movie rocks… Hope I won‘t be dissapointed…

Follow the little silver SURFER!!!

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