Chocolate conspiracy

This morning I had a terrible thought. What if the candy industry always melts the old chocolate Santas to produce the bunnies for Eastern? I talked to my collegues before work and they said, normally they would get wasted and not recycled. But I don‘t believe that. What if we are eating the same chocolate for 23 years over and over again? This would explain why this mid priced chocolate stuff tastes so… mid priced. Of course this makes sense. It saves the company money, normally chocolate doesn‘t get bad because it is full of sugar. It only starts to have this white surface which is simply fat from the chocolate and nothing else… so… if I was a season’s candy producer I would recycle old chocolate…

Is this making a bad person out of me? YES! I would do bad things if I had some more power… and the world gets destroyed in 2012 anyway! It all started when this UFO crashlanded in Rosswell in the 1940ies. The aliens had this idea and told the Illuminati to care for recycling chocolate every year… What? No, I don‘t want to wear this white jacket. The sleeves are too long. White is not my color anywhere. What? OK, I‘ll take one of those pills. Just against headache? OK! No, I don‘t need no water to swallow it.

Follow the little red UFO!!!

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